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#42419171220182212 - GBA Noddy: A Day In Toyland WIP

In 07:06.76 (25489 frames), 2910 rerecords
Uploaded 10/15/2017 8:12 AM by Ready_Steady_Yeti (see all 14)
Yup. I'm dead serious. This seriously exists! For fucking real.
This has got to be the worst game I've ever seen yet! There is absolutely nothing remotely interesting about this shit other than the weird platform glitches I've been encountering throughout the production of this run. It's so mind-bogglingly bad, that I can't even stand to play it, so I've postponed the project until I can stand it again.
FYI, the developers were so embarrassed about this game, that they didn't even include a CREDITS sequence at the end when you beat it.
I can't stress this enough. I don't know who the hell would play this game for fun. Probably some 5-year-old British kid who likes Noddy and decided to GET THE VIDEO GAME FOR IT!!!
From what I'm seeing so far, this TAS will be about 15 minutes long. That's TWICE as long as the GBC Noddy game took, and that's WAY too long for a game this bad.
Oh, and just look at those awesome driving minigames. Gee, I have a ton more fun ACTUALLY driving for three hours than playing this minigame shit for three seconds.
It takes a lot for me to sincerely dislike a game, since I have very low standards, but this really succeeded at making me hate it.