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#42874849977788983 - MGTT any% courage mode one hole done final A.sav.dtm
In 00:45.46 (8177 frames), 435 rerecords
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Uploaded 11/4/2017 8:43 PM by JCBoorgo (5 files)
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, this is the first version I'm uploading here. Of course, we're far from finished, as that's 1 hole out of 108, but I at least want to get the word out that this is going to happen. By the way, "courage mode" means that I don't want to give up any holes, as I think it is boring.
Small note for those that may feel like this is familiar, I started a TAS with the same principles on Advance Tour about a year ago, but I gave it up because I found that allocating and optimizing skill points was really not my thing. I really intend to finish this one, as there's nothing stopping me except maybe a lack of time, but it will take the time it will need. And also, I'd really like to have a completed TAS in here one day.