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#47158149482776933 - PSX HP1 float script v1.1

PSX HP1 float v1.1.lua
Uploaded 5/16/2018 6:19 PM by ThunderAxe31 (see all 111)
Little script that makes easy and fast to change the vertical position of Harry, for the purpose of exploring the maps. Please stop script execution before entering another room.
Keep "O" key to make Harry rise, and keep "L" to make him descend. To stop the floating, just turn off the script.
You can change key buttons and vertical speed by editing the lua file.
--PSX HP1 Float v1.1 by ThunderAxe31
--Please stop script execution before entering in another room.

local key_up     = "O" --set your preferred keyboard buttons
local key_down   = "L"

local addr_masterpointer = 0x06C6E0

local addr_offset_z_1      = 0x38
local addr_offset_z_2      = 0x7C

local speed_z = 100 --set your preferred vertical speed

local master_pointer = memory.read_u32_le(addr_masterpointer)
local addr_harry_z_1 = master_pointer + addr_offset_z_1
local addr_harry_z_2 = master_pointer + addr_offset_z_2
local new_harry_z = memory.read_s32_le(addr_harry_z_1)

while true do
	if (input.get()[key_up]) then
		new_harry_z = new_harry_z + speed_z
	if (input.get()[key_down]) then
		new_harry_z = new_harry_z - speed_z
	memory.write_s32_le(addr_harry_z_1, new_harry_z )
	memory.write_s32_le(addr_harry_z_2, new_harry_z )