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#53928236425006428 - SMA4 (Small Mario Only) Warps TAS Collab

Super Mario Advance 4 Collaboration.vbm
In 00:47.33 (2827 frames), 70 rerecords
Uploaded 3/17/2019 3:44 PM by ItsameMario203 (see all 8)
1. Use the JPN Version of Super Mario Advance 4 2. Make a save state when one level is completed. Do rule 2 while the movie is playing. This is for continuing a TAS. 3. Use frame advancing for the map. (Perfect Frames) 4. Copy these rules on your entry's description 5. If you are the last person completing the game, make a forum post at Off-Topic with a link to your profile and make an AVI of the movie and send it to YouTube with the forum post. 6. Use VBA.