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#54584716403849943 - The Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening DX No warp glitch (USA 1.0)

The Legend of Zelda, Links Awakening DX Any% No warp glitch.bk2
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Uploaded 4/16/2019 5:18 AM by TwistedTammer (5 files)
Several new glitches and optimized strategies have been discovered since the previous TAS by Swordless Link and Tompa in 2010. Since this is a childhood favorite, I decided to make this my first TAS. Through the speedrunning and TAS communities, online glitch/strategy resources, and hundreds of hours of my own testing, routing, and fixing errors with Tasstudio, I have poured everything I know into this run. Being just a WIP, there may be changes.
"Definition of 'No warp Glitch.'" No wrong warping, glitching into Out-of-Bounds screens, <v> superdash warping, or superswimming. Wrong warping involves entering warps from unintended directions(doghouse). Depending on kill count, you'll be sent to a glitched map where rhyme and reason as to navigation, location of items and warps, or what you are even looking at are unfounded. I won't be glitching into Out-of-Bounds screens, but clipping through walls into screens you CAN get to is allowed, just as SL did. Sometimes the <v> superdash into the left side of the screen(as if to transition to the left) can send you 1 screen to the right, which is aberrant transitioning, and wasn't employed by SL either. Superswimming is when you superjump while swimming, and Link gets placed in a collision-less state where you can walk through walls. I decided against it, as it kills the spirit of the run for me, though I may use it in a glitched 100%.
New Glitches and Strategies: 'Superjump' Different from superdashjump, when you clip 3 pixels into a "cliff" tile, like the ones Link jumps off of on the way to the sword, you can jump towards the wall, then input using an item that makes you face away from the wall, and you get put into the leaping animation, without actually being on top of the cliff. This is used to clip through walls. If you "clink" off of a skull sprite or Dodongo snake, you get redirected away from it, such as in Key Cavern to skip the fight and 1 key. 'Bomb Trigger' By placing down a bomb, while facing up and moving vertically, just before a transition, a second bomb is placed during the transition and causes a cutscene to load, used in some owl cutscenes to save some time, on Tarin, the Eagle's Tower pillars, and on the windfish egg cutscene, provided that we have all of the instruments. 'Screen transition boost' Discovered by Bobmario511 I believe, you save 2-3 pixels if you clip into a wall as deep as possible, then push into the wall the frame before the vertical transition, and on the other side you get a boost. Sometimes it won't work, and I had to skip a corner boost in Tail Cave to keep the transition boost, or it wouldn't work. 'Shopkeeper text skip' Only on the first shopkeeper, if you are holding an item and have the cash to buy it, a S&Q menu counts as buying it, without the text box. 'Sprite overflow' Published by Tompa, the DX method of unloading sprites on the next screen. By TAS-only manipulating enough sprites from digging, stabbing bushes, placing powder/bombs/arrows, so long that there would be more than 16 sprites, the game prevents sprites from loading. Said sprites that are unloaded allow me to skip Bow-Wow, and unloading the walrus let's me skip Marin, he could be bomb-triggered, but it was slower because the cutscene ends with a softlock necessitating a death warp. 'Pit clipping' Pit, water, and lava tiles normally prevent you from transitioning, but by menuing(item menu for water) just before you fall in, the game considers you "standing" on solid ground for 1 frame, allowing you to transition, or jump off of water, after the menu is closed. 'Drop duplication' Hearts and rupees that appear from digging, stabbing bushes, or killing enemies, can be duped into 2 if you flick your shield the frame before it is acquired, as if Link and the shield pick it up. This also works with the sword, as a dupe a heart just before the Villa pit clip for further damage boosts.
This is my first TAS, of any game, so I'm always looking for errors I may have made or possible time saves, to go back and add with TASstudio. I probably don't know every little detail about LADX, so suggestions and tips, or even more optimized sections are welcome. I'm constantly comparing my progress to the old TAS on the VBA emulator, to tie or surpass some segments.