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#56226432387362031 - Link's Awakening DX No warp glitch WIP 3

The Legend of Zelda, Links Awakening Any% No warp glitch.bk2
In 09:03.87 (32484 frames), 92455 rerecords
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Uploaded 6/29/2019 3:44 AM by TwistedTammer (5 files)
After I found out about clipless superjump(no application in speedruns) from an obscure router named Emularoz, the game was broken even more. Clipless superjumps allow for superjumps almost anywhere in dungeons, and using shield/sword during these jumps allows you to alter you fixed trajectory and clip into walls, although very precise. I also discovered a better bomb trigger method, just plant a bomb offscreen(up+down ect.) and plant another bomb 2 frames later. A new application of this is used to get powder from the witch hut, without acquiring the toadstool of course, instead of the Trendy game, saving 8 seconds overall. Because of these clipless jumps, my run will now skip every dungeon boss faster than they can be beaten.