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#57575908576609610 - Link'sAwakeningDX 100% draft

In 1:04:27.39 (230990 frames), 18494 rerecords
4386 views, 581 downloads
Uploaded 8/28/2019 10:19 PM by TwistedTammer (5 files)
No video this time, but I should be getting WIP videos out when I get working on the actual run.
Done in the same ruleset as the published run, "No wrong warp, superdash warp, out of bounds screens, or superswimming" No duplication of heart containers or seashells is allowed.
100% is All hearts, items, capacity upgrades, photographs, L-2 Sword, and a tunic upgrade. All dungeon keys and the magnifying lens is also required. Same collection rules as the RTA.
Use a USA 1.0 Rom with L+R enabled. GBC_Bios.bin works.
Basically 80% of my normal optimization standards, reaches the credits in a time of 1:04:27, I've got more ideas to push this time lower.
I found a new trick involving glitched Pegasus dashing, by using surfaces that slow you down(grass, stairs, and shallow water), and superdashing into the top of the screen, from 6 pixels below the border, you transition and are 3 pixels below the screen border, which allows you to clip a little lower and pass under walls, though only moves about 10 pixels with DLR dash to the left per second. I found 2 applications of this trick in this draft.