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#58284435100106148 - Rockman 2 - Airman Stage

Rockman 2 - Airman Stage.fm2
In 02:05.39 (7536 frames), 403 rerecords
Game: Mega Man 2 (NES)
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Uploaded 9/29/2019 8:08 PM by MewQ (2 files)
Stage: Airman. Game: Rockman 2. Platform: Super Famicom. Region: Japanese.
on 9/30/2019 3:05 AM
Hey! Are you working on a category? Zipless, perhaps? Check out this movie to see my attempt at doing this stage Buster-only.
There are a few things I can point out:
  • You can actually press start on frame 149. The stage select/pass word menu won't appear at all, and you'll go straight to the actual stage select screen with the wrong music.
  • Tiptoeing is bad. Do a 1-frame jump when you need to move from a standstill.
  • Jumping is slower, for some ungodly reason. Try to stay on the ground as much as possible. You can see your X position at 0x0460 (pixel) and 0x0480 (subpixel), and your X velocity at 0x0600 (pixel) and 0x0620 (subpixel).
  • The cloud riding section is not an autoscroller. Jump off the edge of each platform to spawn the next one a bit sooner.
  • During a screen transition, there's no need to wait until you reach the ground to start moving. The game listens to inputs as soon as the enemies appear!
  • Also, don't get fooled by the clouds. Make sure you're moving even when you can't be seen.
  • Your first air tiki (big pink guy) section is really good. Try to do the second group of them the same way, i.e. without stopping.
  • You turbo shoot the enemies, which can sometimes cause shots to be harmlessly absorbed. The fat fan guys only take 5 shots, for instance. You can find enemy HP at 0x06D0 - 0x06DF in memory. Boss health is at 0x06C1.
  • Definitely give the any% Air fight a watch. You can start jumping and shooting sooner than you do.
That's all. I know it's a lot, so let me know if you have any questions. It's always good to see a new person getting into Rockman 2!