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#638305751471998817 - Rayman 3 GBA 100% TAS in 1:15:19.63

Rayman 3 (USA) (En,Fr,Es) final TAS 100 percent GBA updated 269946 frames.bk2
In 1:15:19.63 (269946 frames), 70019 rerecords
Game: Rayman 3 (GBA)
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Uploaded 5 days ago by NinjaCocktail (5 files)
A new glitch in Vertigo Wastes Screen 1 found by the current WR holder Payman resulted in rerouting the backtrack section. The new route saved 26 seconds! A slightly slower RNG seed on Final Boss made me lose 50 frames, oh well good enough. Both sub 1:15 and sub 270000 frames milestones are achieved!
5 days ago
will you be submitting this or are you looking for more improvements?