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#638476967368682103 - Segapede 724 frames

Segapede (Prototype).bk2
In 00:12.08 (724 frames), 938 rerecords
Game: Segapede ( Genesis, see all files )
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Uploaded 22 days ago by Induviel (see all 9)
Looking at the level map Spikestuff linked to on the other userfile, I thought of another route that could be potentially faster, and it was. Basically, instead of descending to the first gem on the previous route, you go right and jump down to a lower track, then jump to the second gem. Main timesave here is the fact that you pick up the trail segment along the way, speeding up the section after the gem warp.
Still some frames to save, but its getting more optimal, this is probably the fastest route, unless there's some faster way of reaching the gem, maybe somehow clipping through the tracks.
22 days ago
IIRC, in one of the segments in my earlier attempt I almost clipped through a 45-ish degree track on accident and was forcibly ejected, so it might be possible with the right speed at the right angle and positioning. It wasn't useful for the emeraldless route so I didn't investigate further at the time, but it's probably worth looking into. What about the top emerald, btw? It should be the fastest one to reach.