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#638479714099246976 - Star Fox Adventures: Beating Krystal Section Without Picking Up Any Health

In 11:53.77 (42826 frames), 270 rerecords
Uploaded 4/6/2024 3:36 AM by Lobsterzelda (see all 85)
This was done on Dolphin 5.0-21264
Normally, there's 2 unavoidable health pickups in the Krystal section of the game that cause unavoidable cutscenes. However, using careful movement, I am able to avoid both of them while beating the Krystal section. Note that the trick to skip the first health pickup was found by me earlier today, and the trick to skip the second health pickup (which is less precise) has been known about for a while. These 2 tricks combined save about ~8-12 seconds in a TAS.
A video of the section where I avoid the 2 health pickups can be found here: