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#638486929622009600 - Club Penguin PCem install movie

In 24:54.24 (149424 frames), 3 rerecords
System: Windows
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Uploaded 4/14/2024 12:02 PM by Randomno (see all 24)
This starts with the finished state of the XP installation movie on PCem 17+st-1. The CD-ROM drive has this iso. It installs Visual C++ 2008, copies the xampp folder to C:\, starts XAMPP, and runs the CPSC executable.
I took the xampp folder from an existing XP VM with the game working. It contains all the Club Penguin game files as well (in C:\xampp\htdocs\). I found it easier doing it this way than installing XAMPP onto the PCem machine and then adding the game files and additional patches.
Resulting md5 hashes:
windowsxp.img: 8035bad7657f65f86776ac3d0dda80f6
windowsxp.ga686bx.nvr: ee0efa8fb25c9997a80f4be6c9d3faec
flash.bin: 5c1efcad31a96d050e6974ea021e3601 (unchanged)
MySQL doesn't work with the system time >2038, so I changed the Windows time to 2020. Since I still have the system time set to 1970 in libTAS, this causes a problem when restarting the machine. I should probably redo this with a different libTAS system time.
A short section of gameplay being played back (not part of this movie):
on 4/14/2024 12:12 PM
I took the xampp folder from an existing XP VM with the game working.
Sounds unreproducible.
on 4/14/2024 12:23 PM
I provided the exact ISO I used since everything in it should be fine to redistribute. There are no official releases of this game since it's an MMO, so I'm using a collection of the game files from a GitHub repository, with most of the music files removed to save space.
on 4/14/2024 12:39 PM
everything in it should be fine to redistribute
Please elaborate on why exactly this is the case. Our policy is telling which files are needed and putting them on a reproducible ISO without having to tell where to get them if they are copyrighted. And if they are freely redistributable, telling where to get them makes the most sense.
on 4/14/2024 12:57 PM
XAMPP is free GPL software. Kitsune (the game server implementation used here) is also GPL. The game files were part of a Flash game and are definitely copyrighted, but from what I've seen this has been fine, otherwise we would ban any mention of Flashpoint for example.
I'm not opposed to doing this some other way (that's why I've posted the movie, to see if this is the right way to go about it), but any approach is going to require a very specific combination of the game files (of which there are hundreds that changed many times over the course of the game), such that you may as well distribute the entire package.
on 4/14/2024 1:09 PM
Source of the GPL stuff should be linked so we could verify what's on the ISO. Flashpoint is often used as a source for games, but we solve it by only providing hashes of game files used. In general Flash games used to be directly available online (and many still are), but still going by hashsum works just fine.
The main question is how was the game distributed originally, and is it possible to find all the required files through google.