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#64202683447676846 - A year later.. progress on Mega Man 1-6 + three hacks.

Mega Man (U).bk2
In 07:03.77 (25468 frames), 15049 rerecords
Uploaded 6/22/2020 8:51 AM by AngerFist (see all 40)
For reference:
  • Just defeated Gyro Man in Rockman 5: Wily's Dream Space.
  • Just entered Bright Man in mm4.
  • About to enter Gravity Man in mm5.
  • About to enter miniboss in rm2 Gray Zone.
  • Finished the long and dreadful lava area in Heat Man stage (mm2).
Progress is taking too long due to father and job duties. Feel free to join me to speed things up.