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#64568434130021263 - Further progress

Mega Man (U).bk2
In 08:47.47 (31700 frames), 17740 rerecords
Uploaded 7/8/2020 8:10 PM by AngerFist (see all 40)
Well, things are going quite well. Haven't had this much luck on my side since I started the run, as I have pretty much solved any problem in the run since my last wip with good amount of fluency. For reference, this is currently where I am at:
  • Defeated Bright Man in mm4.
  • Defeated Gravity Man in mm5.
  • About to enter miniboss in rm2 Gray Zone.
  • Finished the long and dreadful Heat Man stage in mm2.
  • Entered Dive Man and just finished the big whale.
  • Skipped first miniboss in mm2 Gray Zone and had the kill the second one.
  • Almost halfway done with Hard Man in mm3.