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#69628100292381757 - Flywrench any% movie with fixed annotations

In 19:42.23 (70934 frames), 13081 rerecords
Game: Flywrench ( Linux, see all files )
Uploaded 2/21/2021 4:54 PM by keylie (see all 118)


! Version info: 

libTAS version: 1.4.1

! Annotation info: 

{{Game: Flywrench, Steam version. The latest Linux version is buggy (wrong files, no executable), but the previous version is working fine. It can be download from the Steam console.

Open the following link in a web browser: `steam://nav/console` then `download_depot 337350 337353 6888663543024499238`.

The libraries `` and `` must be taken from the Steam runtime libraries. Alternatively, libTAS can be launched with included steam-runtime libraries using `~/.steam/bin/steam-runtime/ libTAS`. 32-bit version of library libswresample is needed for sound to be encoded (`sudo apt install libswresample3:i386` on Ubuntu).

OS: Debian Buster amd64 with Linux kernel 4.19.0-5-amd64, libTAS v1.4.1. Game executable is `/path/to/game/runner`.

libTAS must be configurated with `Runtime > Time tracking > clock_gettime()` (set by the movie) checked. In `File > Executable options`, library path must be set to `/path/to/game/lib`. The game starts in fullscreen mode, so `Video > Virtual screen resolution` can be set to get the desireable resolution (does not affect sync afaik).}}