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#6991383576660742 - Speedy Gonzales 100%

In 27:14.55 (98235 frames), 40768 rerecords
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Uploaded 6/2/2013 8:10 PM by Ilari (49 files)


  • Rescue all 109 mice (alters ending).
  • Take damage to save time.
  • Abuse death to save time.
  • v1.0 ROM.
  • Subtitles in movie file.

Memory watch for number of mice left:



  • Lag can be reduced by attacking or jumping. Doesn't always work.
    • Also trajectory of jump affects lag.
    • Obviously in some places neither jumping or attacking is possible.
    • Or creates even more lag.
  • Attacking while jumping gives a bit extra height. The amount is small but can be very significant.
  • Sometimes getting fastest speed from slope is only possible by jumping/attacking on correct frame.
  • Sometimes loosing pixels before turn saves some pixels afterwards.
  • Speedy has noticeable inertia, so preserving speed if possible is usually the fastest.
  • The timecodes given are relative to logo'd encode (for raw timestamps, shift back by 2 seconds).

Sleepy Rock part 1

  • [00:57] Being kicked by a boot instantly gives Speedy 7px/f speed.
  • [01:01] Some places lag very badly (such as the gap under the bridge near starting point).
  • [01:07] Mousetrap springs can be activated just by doing jumpkick on those.
  • [01:11] The detour to get speed shoes is worth it.
  • [01:28] The speed is not monotonic, so slowing down can in fact speed up motion.
  • [01:52] If turning, hitting an edge to turn faster is a nice trick.
  • [01:53] The same trick as in last any% to get inside wall works here too.
Level totals: 71 pieces of cheese, 3:08 left, all 8 mice rescued.

Sleepy Rock part 2

  • [02:28] Jumping on the mousetrap in back and forth section is faster than just turning and jumping, because of shoe hidden in the wall.
  • [02:46] In section with mouse between two geysirs, I must slow down a bit to avoid being killed.
  • [02:55] The way I handle the section at ledge is just bizarre... Don't ask why that is faster the "normal" way.
  • [03:38] Riding down the platform near the end saves 2 frames.
Level totals: 68 pieces of cheese, 2:37 left, all 8 mice rescued.

Surely Wood part 1

  • [04:28] It is in fact possible to jump over the gap with horizontal ropetrack. It requires precise pixel alignment and numerious jumpkicks.
  • [04:29] I use speed table non-monotonicity to save some frames with the tree afterwards. One can't run through it.
  • [04:33] Jump-kick on one part is just high enough to reach one mice in tree, so no need to slow down.
  • [04:45] After rescuing mouse on branch above those traps, I backtrack a bit as to get 7px/f speed from slope.
Level totals: 32 pieces of cheese, 4:12 left, all 6 mice rescued.

Surely Wood part 2

  • [05:22] Found a glitch: If speedy attacks ropetrack, he may still be attacking after jumping off. This is harmful.
  • [05:22] Also can't jump over one of the gaps with ropetrack. Even full speed with numerious jumpkicks is not even nearly enough.
  • [05:30] The section with big house involves very barely possible jump. Also the roof of the house is hellishly laggy for some reason.
  • [05:44] On before mouse on section underground, I lose a pixel in order to be ahead after turn.
  • [05:50] On end of section underground, running into wall is fastest. Also, that trampoline is very slow to jump on.
Level totals: 115 pieces of cheese (1up), 1:35 left, all 8 mice rescued.

Surely Wood part 3

  • [06:26] I use the jump-attack trick to reach branch above and turn before meant to.
  • [06:49] Careful blind jumpkick on one place lands on something not lethal.
  • [06:56] Jumpkicks allow skipping some branches one is intended to have to jump on.
  • [06:58] I slow down while jumping off the tree to get +1 speed.
  • [07:01] Holy heck the jumping is nasty in realtime.
  • [07:08] Also, on the cave section, having correct pixel saves fair amount of time.
Level totals: 52 pieces of cheese, 2:09 left, all 4 mice rescued.

Boss #1

  • [07:21] I don't know what causes that graphical glitching.
  • [07:36] The boss can't hurt you while stunned by a hit.
  • [07:41] Carefully one can do 3 hits per cycle.
Level totals: 2:54 left, 100k points.

Fiesta City part 1

  • [08:53] Looking up on lifts makes crane above activate sooner.
  • [09:07] It is possible to jump over cats, but that is quite hard.
  • [09:09] Doing the last jump in turnjumping section overly high saves ~10 frames.
  • [09:12] Carefully jumping on ropetrack saves another ~10 frames.
  • [09:13] Avoiding grabbing that one zipline saves fair amount of time but is difficult to do.
  • [09:20] The first cat can't be avoided because of the pit behind him.
  • [09:25] On way back, I slow down a bit to avoid that cat. Taking damage there is not an option because avoiding one cat ahead would eat the savings and more.
Level totals: 71 pieces of cheese, 3:08 left, all 5 mice rescued.

Fiesta City part 2

  • [10:25] I jump in turnjump section almost like Speedy can walljump (he can't).
  • [10:28] Grr, a non-cooperating platform, loses some frames.
  • [10:36] More abuse of non-monotonicity of speed table in start of vertical section.
  • [10:37] Doing the top section after rescuing the mice the way I do is the fastest way.
  • [10:40] If it is faster to jump or fall down seems to be to trying both.
Level totals: 62 pieces of cheese, 2:56 left, all 6 mice rescued.

Ancient Keep part 1

  • [11:23] It is not possible to get more speed than that from the slope after the first door.
  • [11:30] This tabasco bottle is one of only two in the game, and is the only one seen. It lets Speedy breath fire to lit caudrons.
  • [11:36] Jumping to light the caudron is one frame faster than jumpkick.
  • [11:39] The walls here have small holes up top one can enter through. I jump through wall to get to mouse below.
  • [11:49] Those spinning things can't be grabbed while attacking. Useful.
  • [11:52] Ledges tend to zip Speedy upwards here.
  • [11:53] In swingpole section, attacks let one get to next swingpole.
  • [11:56] The last swingpole doesn't co-operate, so I do 1.5 rounds instead of 0.5.
  • [12:15] Backtracking to downslope after bookshelf door is slower than just proceeding.
  • [12:20] Again, some slowing down to get suitable pixel position for jumps in lift section, which is laggy for some reason.
Level totals: 63 pieces of cheese, 2:13 left, all 9 mice rescued.

Ancient Keep part 2

  • [13:00] There are branching pathway after first mouse. Up the mousetrap or through door, the latter is faster.
  • [13:02] I intentionally overshoot the turn after door to "reset" the crusher. Otherwise it gets on way.
  • [13:08] The section with two mousetraps is just weird. I couldn't reproduce result this good.
  • [13:20] Some closed doors can be entered.
  • [13:32] Take a good close look at the fake wall... Nice graphics problems.
  • [13:37] Attacking before the door is faster because one isn't being accelerated by the downslope.
  • [13:41] In the end, taking damage gives +1 speed.
Level totals: 52 pieces of cheese, 2:12 left, all 7 mice rescued.

Snowy Cabins part 1

  • [14:03] I hate this level due to those seals.
  • [14:08] The platform must be waited, you can't make it on the first cycle.
  • [14:24] I lose some pixels because otherwise I get nasty lag.
  • [14:31] I delay turn a bit when launching from polar bear or I hit wall.
  • [14:36] I backtrack a bit to get more speed from downslope.
  • [15:05] One wants to be on contact with comoving platforms as long as possible.
  • [15:09] I intentionally run onto wall after rescuing the mouse, to "reset" the platform on left. Saves ~5 seconds.
  • [15:13] Holy heck that crusher is LAGGY.
  • [15:23] For some reason, my invulernabilty just runs out before the seal on house, so I take 2nd point of damage.
  • [15:24] The jump after the seal is just darn random lagwise.
Level totals: 71 pieces of cheese, 3:08 left, all 7 mice rescued.

Snowy Cabins part 2

  • [15:48] Snowballs on steep hills are impossible to avoid without slowdown.
  • [15:50] Another platform one has to wait for... :-/
  • [16:01] Those spikes on alcoves are of the instakill variety.
  • [16:03] Can't get the heart from left alcove, since one can't make it back in time.
  • [16:05] One can jump into floor. Useless since going over is just as fast, but included for style.
  • [16:13] I again backtrack a bit to get 7px/f instead of 4px/f.
  • [16:19] Running into wall on mouse in house base level costs 4 frames. But I get heart and polar bear launches me sooner(???) so net 6 frame gain (plus having the heart).
  • [16:28] Manipulating that seal after house correctly is ~10 frame gain.
  • [16:30] Inside house back again I intentionally do bit suboptimal jump, as it lags less and thus saves frames.
  • [16:33] The rising door can't make out of way in time so I slow down a bit.
  • [16:36] Getting in the floor again, this time saves one lag frame.
  • [16:44] Jumps on steep hills work oddly...
  • [16:49] One can get into walls between those spike floors. Unfortunately, the ground below is solid, so it is not useful.
  • [16:52] Also, one can get into floor left of ice lake. Useless.
  • [17:02] In the end, the heart saves ~15 frames by allowing plowing into the seal.
Level totals: 21 pieces of cheese, 1:39 left, all 6 mice rescued.

Galatic Galaxies part 1:

  • [17:10] This level is entered in way that differs from all other levels (taking the rocket).
  • [17:35] Holy heck the first lift is unfair: Loads of lag, enemy dodging and one can't jump. Also, one can't afford damage.
  • [17:48] Jumpkick lets one jump over the forcefield without waiting for the platform to move.
  • [17:52] Now comes the screw-you of this "world": Those barriers...
  • [18:00] I kill momentum to enemy to turn faster. Surprisingly hard to do without taking damage.
  • [18:29] The infamous button... If thise was Snes9x or zsnes, the game would crash.
  • [18:31] I ride on top of the box because one can't jump and wait, because mechanism would "reset" and you would be fucked.
    • Riding on top of box is seriously flinchy. The same trajectory as testrun doesn't work.
  • [18:33] I lose a pixel because otherwise turn followed by teleport would lose a frame.
  • [18:42] In section after teleporter is good example why those barriers are so bad.
  • [19:13] Now comes a glitch in game. It looks like I skip the mouse after pipe. Memory says I didn't. One can't "rescue" it again, and if one goes far enough, it disappears.
  • [19:16] First of OOB speeds. Too bad I can only keep it for 1 frame.
  • [19:29] If one is careful, one can do the pipe-changing jump at 6px/f speed.
  • [19:35] In the end, there is 4-up. I pick it up.
Level totals: 33 pieces of cheese, 2:25 left, all 7 mice rescued.

Galatic Galaxies part 2:

  • [20:13] That robot isn't even near being right enough to get invulernability for the barrier.
  • [20:41] In section after gap, I overflow the speed table, but only get 15px/f speed.
  • [20:45] The tall vertical room is determined by waiting for the elevator, so one must minimize lag and activate the elevator as early as possible (oh and avoid resetting it). Everything else is secondary.
  • [20:54] I intentionally wait for the robot so I hit it instead of the barrier.
  • [21:06] Second and last frame of 75px/f superspeed on the slope.
  • [21:09] I kill Speedy to get some extra health.
  • [21:21] I need the heart as I need to take 3HP damage in next section.
  • [21:34] In the end of the section, I just need to minimize lag, because I have to wait for barrier anyway.
  • [21:45] It is possible to jump into pipe from second topmost platform. Saves over half a second.
  • [21:51] The forcefield emitters are solid and can't be jumped through.
Level totals: 35 pieces of cheese, 3:04 left, all 6 mice rescued.

Boss #2

  • [22:05] The boss is completely patterned.
  • [22:24] For optimal speed, one has to make him hit forcefield just as it is disabling.
  • [23:05] This boss is also the only one of three that can hurt Speedy after defeat.
Level totals: 2:54 left, 200k points.

Ye Olde Bounty part 1:

  • [23:39] Running on bars is heckuva laggy. Usually jumping is less laggy.
  • [23:55] Holy heck the plank at the end is hard to do optimally.
Level totals: 54 pieces of cheese, 3:33 left, all 3 mice rescued.

Ye Olde Bounty part 2:

  • [24:17] In attack animation, Speedy can't enter cannons.
  • [24:19] Using momentum-killing property of connecting attack to slow down.
  • [24:24] I attack piranha here because I cannot afford damage.
  • [24:30] The frame to start accelerating after rescuing mouse on top of downsloping bar isn't earliest possible due to wanting 7px/f speed and as little lag as possible.
  • [24:53] The jump at the end is too tight to avoid lag.
Level totals: 58 pieces of cheese, 3:16 left, all 7 mice rescued.

Ye Olde Bounty part 3:

  • [25:11] Even if jumping on top after the first plank loses momentum, it is still faster.
  • [25:20] Some sections here are ridiculously laggy.
  • [25:27] The place 2nd mouse is ridiculous.
  • [25:29] Weird clipping with cannon platform.
Level totals: 38 pieces of cheese, 3:31 left, all 2 mice rescued.

Boss #3

  • [25:49] The boss has two patterns.
  • [25:51] First one has him stay on barrel. Can be hit 3 times per cycle.
  • [26:05] Speedy's kick can defect bullets.
  • [26:09] The second one has him jump on middle box. Can be hit 4 times per cycle.
  • [26:14] He can't hurt you while blinking.
  • [26:15] Additionally, if you attack him just as he becomes vulernable, your attack connects first and you avoid damage.
  • [26:57] He has post-mortem attack, but that can't connect.
Level totals: 2:51 left, 300k points.

Save the mice!

  • [27:08] This level is hellishly laggy all the way.
  • [27:09] Some mice show as trapped even if saved.
  • [27:16] This level doesn't have post-end screen, unlike all others.
Level totals: N/A pieces of cheese, N/A left, all 10 mice rescued.