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dvantages: * In [1080M|Super Mario Bros. (warped)], you can go down a
_ * Warped movie: [1080M] by me. ! NES [Fo
ent to my previous [1080M|SMB1 warp run]. It is 22 frames fa
M] %%% [1075M] %%% [1080M] %%% [1082M] %%% [10
alculation. * NES [1080M|Super Mario Bros. (JU PRG0) "warped" in 04:58.18] ** Obsoleted by my
** Obsoleted by my [1080M]. ** It's said that
]. Fortunately, My [1080M|Super Mario Bros. (JPN/USA PRG0) "warped run" in 04:58:18] which obsoleted the