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his movie improves [1198M|the currently published "maxim warp" movie] by 18 frames. No
irectly taken from [1198M|my previous movie]. !! Improvements
] has improved his [1198M|previous] movie by 18 frames.
tended, unlike the [1198M|glitch-warped run]. What constitutes a
I just improved [1198M|previous version] by 7 frames. %%% (
frames faster than [1198M|the currently published "Maxim Version" movie]. !!Improvements
e is the author of [1198M|the currently published "Maxim Version" movie]. (Also [1222M|norma
o|No|No|No|No| |No|[1198M]|[
Stars] [1197M] %%% [1198M] %%% [1199M] %%% [12
er:gstick]. * GBA [1198M|Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (U) "Maxim warped" in 00:23.63/00:23.58] ** Obsoleted with m
hed Maxim's quest: [1198M] by me. * "In-borde