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[user:HappyLee]'s [1332M|SMB walkathon TAS] for a demonstration
o|No|No|No|No| |No|[1332M]|[
SMB1walkathon.gif]|[1332M|NES Super Mario Bros "walkathon" in 06:47.2 by HappyLee] ((2009-08-07))%%% %
(It was used in my [1332M|SMB walkathon TAS] in 8-4))%%% %%%This
We already have a [1332M|walkathon] submission. Walkath
M] %%% [1331M] %%% [1332M] %%% [=images/star.p
me faster than the [1332M|current "walkathon" run by HappyLee] of 6 minutes and 47
[user:HappyLee]'s [1332M|walkathon], since it completes
1429|256x224|4/3| |[1332M|supermariobros-walkathonv4-happylee.mkv]|1.1429|256x224|4/3|
frames faster than [1332M|this movie] by better walljumpi