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retenimiento. * [1590M|Super Mario Bros. 3 "warps"] * [2661M|Castlevan
|No|No|No|No| |Yes|[1590M]|[
is on completing ''[1590M|Super Mario Bros. 3]'' as fast as possib
s I like watching *[1590M] *[3308M] my own run
ssion improves the [1590M|published run] by 40 frames and in
econds slower than [1590M|today's best effort].| || ||[436M]||
es/star.png|Stars] [1590M] %%% [1591M] %%% [15
l not obsolete the [1590M|classic conventionally played] run category. [u
inutes] **Mentions [1590M] & [1558M] ! [2543M
[1286M|faster] and [1590M|even faster]! Of course, there d
ds faster than the [1590M|previous] movie. Most of the
[1286M|faster] and [1590M|faster] and [3812M|even fas
_ %%% As with the [1590M|any% no game end glitch] run, frames had to
of the game. * [1590M|Super Mario Bros. 3 "warps"] * [2661M|Castlevan