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er:FractalFusion] *[380M|MMX1/MMX2 dual run] by [user:DeHackEd]
o|No|No|No|No| |No|[380M]|[
simultaneously] ! [380M] *__digg__ (Engadget
improvement on its [380M|predecessor], which beat only th
M|Obsoleted]) * ---[380M|Mega Man X & X2 (dual run)] in 41:41.--- * ---[
es/star.png|Stars] [380M] %%% [385M] %%% [386
TAS of someone who [380M|used the same input for Mega Man X and X2 at the same time], and then made the
nt in honor of our [380M|first multi-game movie], [user:Baxter] and
obsoletion of the [380M|currently published Mega Man X series multi-game run]. [user:Velitha]: