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. !! See also *[Starman Guidelines]
und -punktezahl * [Starman Guidelines|Starman Richtlinien] - Was einem Film ei
!! Siehe ebenso *[Starman Guidelines|Starman Richlinien]
nking and score * [Starman Guidelines] - What earns a movi
her Guidelines] * [Starman Guidelines] %%TAB Members *
. !! See also *[Starman Guidelines]
her Guidelines] * [Starman Guidelines] %%TAB_END
as para Editor] * [Starman Guidelines|Guas para Starman] %%TAB Miembros
n de jugadores. * [StarmanGuidelines|Guías para el Starman] - Que hace ganar un
!! Ver también *[Starman Guidelines|Sugerencias de Starman]