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BizHawk is a multi-platform emulator with full rerecording support and [Bizhawk/LuaFunctions|Lua scripting]. BizHawk focuses on core accuracy and power user tools while still being an easy-to-use emulator for casual gaming. 

!! Downloads
* Windows users must download and run the [|prereq installer] first.
* [BizHawk/ReleaseHistory|Release package links and Release notes including upcoming releases]
* [|Developer build] of the most recent commit
* [Bizhawk/PreviousReleaseHistory|Binary Links for older versions]
Never mix different versions of BizHawk. Keep each version in its own folder.

!! Project info
* Code project: []
* Downloads: []
* [=forum/subforum/64|BizHawk Forum]
* IRC Channel: #bizhawk on is for hawk biz
* Discord: {{#emulation}} on [|the TASVideos Discord]
** Also the more specialised channels {{#tas-production}} and {{#scripting}} (for Lua) on that server
** For the .NET API, [|the ApiHawk server]

!! Documentation and Help
! Quick Start
* Download and install the [|prerequisites]
* Unzip BizHawk into its own folder
* Run EmuHawk.exe

! Other Resources
* [Bizhawk/FAQ|FAQ]
* [|Known Issues]
* [Bizhawk/Speed|Speed & Throttling]
* Rewinding @ [Bizhawk/Speed|Speed & Throttling]
* [Bizhawk/DisplayConfig|Display Configuration]
* [Bizhawk/SoundConfig|Sound Configuration]
* [Bizhawk/Features|Features]
* [Bizhawk/Rerecording|Rerecording]
* [Bizhawk/CommandLine|Command Line]
* [Bizhawk/Compiling|Compiling]
* [|Core Port Requests] - A breakdown of possible platforms and current plans for supporting them
* [Bizhawk/CompactDiscInfoDump|Compact Disc Info Dump]
* [Bizhawk/Contributors|Contributors]

!! Supported platforms and platform-specific documentation

* [Bizhawk/MAME|Arcade machines]
* [Bizhawk/AppleII|Apple II]
* [Bizhawk/Atari2600|Atari 2600]
* [Bizhawk/Atari7800|Atari 7800]
* [BizHawk/AtariLynx|Atari Lynx]
* [Bizhawk/Coleco|ColecoVision]
* [Bizhawk/C64|Commodore 64]
* [Bizhawk/GB|Game Boy, Super Game Boy, and Game Boy Color]
* [Bizhawk/GBA|Game Boy Advance]
* [Bizhawk/Intellivision|Mattel Intellivision]
* [Bizhawk/PCE|NEC PC Engine] (AKA TurboGrafx-16), including SuperGrafx and PCE CD
* [Bizhawk/NGP|Neo Geo Pocket]
* [Bizhawk/N64|Nintendo 64]
* [Bizhawk/NDS|Nintendo DS/DSi]
* [Bizhawk/NES|Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, Famicom Disk System]
* Odyssey 2
* [Bizhawk/Genesis|Sega Genesis, Sega-CD, 32x]
* [Bizhawk/SMS|Sega Master System, Game Gear, and SG-1000]
* [Bizhawk/Saturn|Sega Saturn]
* [Bizhawk/PSX|Sony PlayStation]
* [Bizhawk/SNES|Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Famicom]
* [Bizhawk/TI83|TI-83] graphing calculator
* Uzebox
* [Bizhawk/Vectrex|Vectrex]
* [BizHawk/VBoy|Virtual Boy]
* [Bizhawk/Wonderswan|Wonderswan] and Wonderswan Color
* [Bizhawk/ZXSpectrum|ZX Spectrum]

!! Accuracy
* [EmulatorResources/NESAccuracyTests|NES Accuracy Tests]
* [EmulatorResources/SNESAccuracyTests|SNES Accuracy Tests]
* [EmulatorResources/GBAccuracyTests|GB Accuracy Tests]
* [|Playstation Accuracy Tests] ([|Archived mirror])

!! Movie file format
* [Bizhawk/BK2Format|BK2 file specification]
* [Bizhawk/BKMFormat|(Old) BKM file specification]

!! Help wanted

We have a lot of plans and tasks for BizHawk.  We have tasks of all ranges from novice to expert.  Don't be afraid to ask!  Especially needed are core developers.

Please contact [user:adelikat] if interested.  Our frontend is written in C#, and we have some c# cores to work on, but there are also C++ cores to manage.

! Subpages of Bizhawk:%%%