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__Note__: This page is incomplete, and now also outdated. The full set of flags is in [|this one source file]; you may be able to figure out what they do by searching [|this file] for {{_argParser}}.

In general, arguments are read sequentially into variables and then processed in an internal inscrutable order. Duplicate arguments (e.g. --load-slot=1 --load-slot=2) will result in only the last one taking effect (slot 2 will be loaded.) The desired ROM filename should be last.

''Usually, all paths can be relative (where .\ is the directory of the .exe)''

! Loadstate:


Loads the specified quicksave slot number (0-9). Overrides the configuration "AutoLoad Last Save Slot"


Loads the specified savestate file. Overrides the configuration "AutoLoad Last Save Slot"

! Config File


Attempts to load a BizHawk config file from the specified path, creating a new config file at this location if it does not already exist.

! Movie:


Loads specified movie

! A/V Capture


Specifies the type of capture to be done

Valid parameters:

See ''File | AVI/WAV | Config and Record AVI/WAV'' in the main program for more details.


The name of the output file


The length of the capture, in frames.  After this many frames have elapsed, A/V capture will automatically stop


If capturing and specifying a dump-length, setting this property will close the emulator after it has reached the length specified in dump-length


Controls which frames will be dumped.
list_of_frames is formatted like: 100,200,300
When this is set, overrides the --dump-length to be equal to the last frame. You could set --dump-length afterwards to pick what you want.
Ranges could be added without much trouble. Post a ticket.

! Misc


Will start the emulator in fullscreen mode


Starts the emulator with no window chrome (frame, titlebar, etc.) See [Bizhawk/DisplayConfig|DisplayConfig] for more.


Will force the emulator to startup with the GDI+ display method, useful in case you can't start it up at all


Opens the Lua console


Opens a Lua console and starts the specified script