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> This documentation is for an older version of BizHawk. For current information, see [|the repo on GitHub].

!!!Bizhawk contributors - chief responsibilities

!!Admins - have headaches
*[user:adelikat] - Frontend
*[user:natt] - Frontend, several cores
*[user:vecna] - PCE, SMS cores
*[user:zeromus] - Frontend, snes&psx cores

!!Developers - do stuff right now
*[user:sappharad] - OSX port
*[user:Micro500] - N64

!!Power Users - know what's going on
*[user:hegyak|ocean_prince] - Release Manager

!!Contributors - did some stuff once
*[user:null_ptr] - N64
*kylelk - Tastudio
*[user:gocha] - lua