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! Overview

There are two snes core options, snes9x (intended for casual play), bsnes (intended for TAS movie making)

!! Snes9x

* Snes9x 1.54
* Good stability, fast, and decent emulation but does not hold up to the rigorous demands of TASVideos for TAS movies.  Use the bsnes core instead.

* [|bsnes] emulator core written by [|byuu].

! Technical Info

* Uses v87 of bsnes (heavily modified)
** Compatiblity build only

! Known Issues (solved)
* Some games (SD3, for example) will change resolution rapidly and annoyingly. Use the "always double-size framebuffer" option
* MSU-1 is supported by opening my_msu1_game.xml. This differs from other emulators where the .sfc will be loaded. Note that bsnes 0.87 is loading the pcm files itself, and ignoring the contents of the XML file. There are some msu-1 games (e.g. Super Road Blaster 1.2) with incorrect XML files, which can cause some audio tracks to disappear.

! Known Issues (unsolved) (these may be solved now, someone needs to update this)
* Erratic framerate in some games (can't remember which! was discussed on forum or bugtracker) due to bsnes emulating one frame sometimes, two frames other times. This may only be happening in deterministic mode. Unlikely ever to be fixed.
* Reportedly, the snes core can crash after many hours of constant exercise. Details are hazy. Please write to us with more information.
* Jumpy interlacing scenarios?