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''Note: This page is a work in progress and is still subject to change. Feel free to provide feedback [Forum/Topics/22710|in this forum thread.]''


TASVideos publications are presented in "classes" that reflect their goal choices. Our [Staff|judges] accept submissions to one of these classes based on the technical quality of the run and the feedback it receives on the [Subs-List|Workbench].

In order for a run to be accepted, it has to have a high level of optimization and a reasonable goal choice, such as beating the game as fast as possible ("any%") or fully finishing the game as fast as possible ("100%"). Runs with more esoteric goal choices may be subjected to feedback from our audience for inclusion in a separate category. If a run doesn't meet our standards of optimization, or if its goal choice is not accepted by our community, it will be rejected.

Our [Standard] class houses the vast majority of movies on the site. Each one uses one of the standard goals that can be listed on [Standard|that page].

Entertainment, while always encouraged, is not a metric of judgement for standard publication. Standard runs can be as entertaining as the runner wants them to be, as long as they meet the other requirements.

As a note, "Standard" is just a technical name in order to easily categorize publications. It is not meant as an explicit name for the movies contained within. We do not "publish to Standard", we are simply publishing runs according to our standard.

The [Alternative] class houses movies that do not follow standard goals. In addition to meeting our optimization standards, alternative runs must also be deemed entertaining by the site's audience, i.e a user-defined goal choice must be appealing to more than just the user that defines it. While the alternative class is focused on entertainment, it is strictly not meant to imply that its movies are more entertaining than every standard publication. Alternative movies may even become standard publications based on potential updates to our list of standardized goals.

The [Stars] class houses movies that our audience deems to be of extremely high overall quality. Stars are not necessarily a separate class, they are more an extension of the other two classes. Stars are both assigned and removed by community feedback, any run is technically eligible to receive one, but it must be widely accepted by the rest of the community. Likewise, old Stars may be removed if new publications are more exemplary of that level of quality.

[Playground] is a class that hosts well-done and verifiable movies that represent solid goals, but do not meet some of our [Movie Rules]. Its purpose is to feature content that TASers are interested in creating regardless of how TASVideos defines things. Those movies don't go through the official publication process and are presented as submissions instead.

! Information on each class

[Standard] class description
*[Movies-Standard|Current publications]
*[Movies-Standard-Obsonly|Obsoleted publications]

[=images/note.png] [Alternative] class description
*[Movies-Alternative|Current Alternative publications]
*[Movies-Alternative-Obsonly|Obsoleted Alternative publications]

[=images/star.png] [Stars] class description
*[Movies-Stars|Current Star publications]
*[Movies-Stars-Obsonly|Obsoleted Star publications]

[Playground] class description
*[Forum/Subforum/74|Currently featured movies]