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Mame-rr is a fork of MAME with rerecording capabilities, which was started by [user:mz] as an experiment and was of pre-alpha quality. It was later picked up by [user:feos] and made a bit more usable for general TASing, bumping the version to beta.

There are no plans to improve upon the MAME version which the rerecording fork is based on (0.139), aside from some occasional bug fixes. The longterm plan is to get rerecording added to original MAME instead.

Its movies ([Emulator Resources / Mamerr/mar|.mar]) can be submitted to TASVideos. We don't guarantee that it will work well, but it can be used for some decent level TASing.


MESS was not built with rerecording, even though it's theoretically possible.


The source code repository is on [|Github]

[|Archived google.code project].

__WARNING: If you're recording a movie, pause the emulator before calling the Record Movie dialog!__

!! Wiki

* [|Command line tutorial]
* [|Lua scripting functions]

!! Downloads

* [|mame-rr 0.139 v0.1-beta]
* [|mame-rr 0.139 v0.1-alpha]

MAME-RR doesn't display input, and the script that's shipped with it isn't too useful, it also doesn't show some nonstandard inputs like Service Mode. Here's a better script:

* [=userfiles/info/53447360964857662|mame-input.lua]

! Old downloads

* []
* []
* []
* []
* []

! Deprecated Dowloads
* []
* []