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Optional: [|Pete's Soft Driver 1.54] (If you're doing the Oddworld series, needs Special Game Fix ''No Sprite Transparancy'' checked)

__WARNING:__ The Resync process may run very slowly on some computers. If it does so on yours, consider doing this on a virtrual machine running Windows XP as it may speed up the process, especially for steps 15 and 19.

# If you haven't, download [|PCSX-RR 0.1.3] and extract the files to a folder. This contains the TAS SPU plugin as well as the TAS Soft plugin (and the input and CD-ROM plugins). 
# Download ''LuaPack'', ''pcsx-13f'', ''PcsxrrEncodeWofkflow'' pack and ''pcsx-kkapture''. [|right]
# Install ''LuaPack''.
# Put ''PcsxrrEncodeWofkflow'' and ''pcsx-13f'' to the pcsx emulator directory.
# Make sure to have ''TAS SPU plugin'' and ''[|Eternal SPU plugin]'' in pcsx __plugins__ folder.
# Enable ''Skip SPU Loadstate'' in the Tools menu (Note: That if this causes problems, disable it.)
# Select the ISO that emulator will automatically start: ''Configuration'' -> ''CD-ROM''.
# ''Configuration'' -> ''Options'' -> Disable ''Pause After Playback''.
# Open __pcsxrrWorkflowConfig.lua__ in a text editor and at the line 45 put the whole path to your movie file inside the brackets, including the file name. Make sure the movie file is in the movies folder, otherwise, the process won't start at all.
# ''Configuration'' -> ''Plugins & Bios'' -> ''Sound'' -> Select ''TAS Sound Plugin 0.2''.
# ''Configure...'' -> Check ''Movie sync mode''.
# ''Configuration'' -> ''Plugins & Bios'' -> ''Graphics'' -> Select ''TAS Soft Graphics Plugin 0.2'' (or if doing the Oddworld series, ''Pete's Soft Driver 1.54'').
# ''Configure...'' -> Uncheck ''Show FPS display on startup'' and "Use FPS limit".
# ''File'' -> ''Lua Scripting'' -> ''New Lua Script Window''. Select __detectCheckpoint.lua__ and run it. The movie must start, telling you in the Lua prompt what step the script is doing. When it's over, stop the script (emulator might crash).
# ''File'' -> ''Lua Scripting'' -> ''New Lua Script Window''. Select __detectCheckpoint.lua__ and run it once again. It will start waiting for incoming desyncs.
# Run __another instance__ of ''pcsx-13f''.
# Select ''Eternal SPU'' in the ''Plugins & Bios'' menu.
# ''Configure...'' -> ''Audio out method'' -> ''SPUasync'' and ''Wait''.
# ''File'' -> ''Lua Scripting'' -> ''New Lua Script Window''. Select __syncCheckpoint.lua__ and run it.
# After both instances finish their job (sending desync info and resync states to each other), stop the scripts.
# Now, as you run __syncCheckpoint.lua__ with ''Eternal SPU'', it must automatically load the required states at desync points. [|right]
# Run ''kkapture''.
* ''Demo'' -> Select the emulator executional file.
* ''Target'' -> Select the AVI file name and path.
* ''Frame rate'' -> If the game runs at 30 fps, use 60. If it runs on 60 - use 120.
* ''Encoder'' -> ''.AVI (VfW, segmented)''.
* ''AVI encoding options'' -> Pick a lossless codec, preferably ''Lagarith''.
* Check ''Capture Video'' and ''Capture Audio''.
* Check ''Make Sleep() last one frame''.
* Check ''Skip frames on frequent time checks''.
* Push __kkapture!__ button.
As pcsx starts, make sure to be using ''Eternal SPU''. Then, just run the __syncCheckpoint.lua__ again.