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This page aims to the test results on various emulators for test ROMs.

Lists of test ROMS:
* Blargg's SNES testing suite
** Link: []
* Official SNES testing suite
** SNES Aging Test Program
*** Known ROM filenames: SNES Aging Test Program (J) (R1.2).SFC, Aging Casette.SMC, Aging Cassette (Japan).SFC
** SNES Controller Test Program
*** Known ROM filenames: SNES Controller Test Program (J).SFC, Super Famicom Controller Test Program (Japan).SFC
** SNES Test Program
*** Known ROM filenames: SNES Test Program (U).SFC, SNES Test Program.smc
* Mega Man X2/Mega Man X3 Cx4 Test
** On game startup, press B on controller 2 to start Cx4 Test
* SPC7110 Check Program
** Included on games: Far East of Eden (Check Program V2.2), Momotarou Dentetsu and Super Power League 4 (Check Program V3.0)
** Executed on first game startup (clear SRAM).

See [Forum/Topics/14112|this forum thread].

[module:SetTableAttributes|pattern=@^Couldn't open@|style=background:#FFFF80]

||Emulator   ||Blargg||Official||Cx4||SPC7110||Total||Grade      ||
||Amount     ||9     ||30      ||8  ||12     ||59   ||100.0%     ||
|ZSNES v1.51  |2      |20       |8   |12      |42    |71.2%       |
|snes9x v1.43 |3      |23       |7   |12      |45    |76.2%       |
|snes9x v1.51 |4      |24       |8   |12      |48    |81.4%       |
|snes9x v1.53 |4      |29       |8   |12      |53    |89.8%       |
|BizHawk      |9      |26       |8   |12      |55    |93.2%       |
|lsnes        |9      |30       |8   |12      |59    |100.0%      |
|higan v094   |9      |30       |8   |12      |59    |100.0%      |

||Test                       ||ZSNES v1.51||snes9x v1.43||snes9x v1.51||snes9x v1.53||higan v094||lsnes||BizHawk||
||Blargg's tests             ||
||SNES ADC SBC               ||
|Test SBC 16                  |Fail #4     |Fail #4      |Fail #4      |Fail #4            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Test SBC                     |Fail #4     |Fail #4      |Fail #4      |Fail #4            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Test ADC 16                  |Fail #4     |Fail #4      |Fail #4      |Fail #4            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Test ADC                     |Fail #4     |Fail #4      |Fail #4      |Fail #4            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
||SNES Flash screen          ||
|Flash screen                 |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
||SNES OAM Test              ||
|1-random                     |Fail        |Fail         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|2-low                        |Fail #4     |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|3-high                       |Fail #2     |Fail #5      |Fail #5      |Fail #5            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
||SNES Test TSC              ||
|SNES Test TSC                |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
||Official test suites       ||
||Aging Test Program         ||
|Work RAM                     |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|DRAM                         |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|VRAM                         |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|DMA Memory                   |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|OAM                          |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|CG RAM                       |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|MPY 8x8                      |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|MPY 16x8                     |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|DIV 16/8                     |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|DMA                          |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|EXT Latch                    |Fail        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|HV Timer                     |Fail        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|VRAM Count                   |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|V224/V239                    |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Field Flag                   |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|VH Flag                      |Fail        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|OBJ L Over                   |Couldn't open |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|65c816                       |Couldn't open |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|APU                          |Couldn't open |Fail #55     |Fail #16     |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
||Controller Test Program    ||
|Input test[#1]               |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
||Test Program               ||
|Electronics Test             |Fail        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Character Test               |Fail [#2]   |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Controller Test (see above)  |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Sound Test                   |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Color Test                   |Pass        |Fail [#3]    |Fail [#3]    |Fail [#3]            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Super Scope Test             |Pass        |No?          |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |No      |
|Mouse Electronics Test       |Fail        |No?          |Fail         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass[#4]|No      |
|Mouse Button Test            |Pass        |No?          |Fail         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |No      |
|Mouse Cursor Movement Test   |Pass        |No?          |Fail         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |No      |
||Mega Man X2/X3 Cx4 Test    ||
|Interface Register           |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Register File                |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Data RAM                     |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|LDMAC                        |Pass        |Fail         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Down Load                    |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|MALU                         |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Immediate Register           |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Immediate ROM                |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
||SPC7110 Check Program V2.2 ||
||Mode 1/A                   ||
|Reg Init                     |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|S-RAM Data Bus               |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|S-RAM Addr Bus               |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|S-RAM R/W                    |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|D-Port Acc                   |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Mul                          |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|Div                          |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|C-Length                     |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|D-Port B+O+S                 |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|RTC Time                     |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
||Mode 2/B                   ||
|RTC Backup                   |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |
|S-RAM Backup                 |Pass        |Pass         |Pass         |Pass            |Pass       |Pass  |Pass    |

[1]: Press the keys instructed by the arrows on the screen. Pass when the background turns blue.%%%
[2]: First "look for color changes" test behaves unexpectedly.%%%
[3]: Bottom scanline is off in final test. Otherwise pass.%%%
[4]: Fixed in git master