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Looking for someone to encode your latest TAS efforts?  This page lists members of the community who are capable of encoding to the [EncoderGuidelines|site's standards], and the platforms they are willing to encode for. Active Encoders tend to lurk around the [IRCChannel|IRC Channel], if you wish to find one. 

''[TODO]: add more people to the list!''

%%TAB Active encoders%%

* [TODO]

*Published emulators: BizHawk, DeSmuMe, Dolphin, PrBoom, FBA-RR, FCEU, FCEUX, Gens-rr, Hourglass, JPC-RR, libTAS, lsnes, MAME-RR, Mupen64, OpenMSX, PCSX, PSXjin, snes9x, VBA.
*Connection: Cable 1MB/1MB
*Preferred distribution:
*Computer specifications:
**Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 @ 3.30GHz
**NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
**Windows 7 x64
**Free HDD space: ~500 GB.

*Published emulators: FCEU(X), Gens, VBA-RR, BizHawk, Dolphin, JPC-RR, DeSmuME, PSXjin, Snes9X, FBA-RR, MAME-RR, openMSX, libTAS (technically not an emulator), Hourglass (technically not an emulator, needs to be done in a VM) (NB: no longer doing Gens and VBA-RR due to them being inaccurate, and only doing Snes9X if done on 1.52-rr (or if a 1.51-rr run miraculously syncs on 1.52-rr)'''')
*Possible emulators: maybe PrBoom (technically a source port, not an emulator)
** Old one: 12 Mbps down, a mere 640 kbps up
** New one: 100 Mbps down, 50 Mbps up.
*Preferred distribution: Mediafire (non-published encodes), (published encodes), YouTube (streaming encode)
*Specs of the oldest laptop (before it broke due to a failing HDD):
**Intel Core 2 Duo T6400M @ 2 GHz
**nVidia Geforce G 105M
**Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
*Older laptop specs (retired):
**Intel Core i5 460M @ 2.53 GHz
**nVidia Geforce GT 540M
**Windows 7 Home Premium x64
*Old laptop specs (also retired):
**Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.6 GHz
**16 GB DDR4 RAM
**nVidia Geforce GTX 1060
**Windows 10 Home x64
**Free HDD space: roughly 400 GB
*New laptop specs
**AMD Ryzen 7 4800H @ 2.9 GHz
**16 GB DDR4 RAM
**nVidia Geforce RTX 3060
**Windows 10 Home x64
**Free disk space: roughly 3 TB

*Encoded Emulators: BizHawk, DeSmuME, Famtasia, FBA-RR, FCEU(X), Gens, Hourglass, lsnes, PCSX, PSXjin, Snes9x, VBA, VBjin, ZSNES
*Connection: ''We don't do that here.''
*Desktop Specs:
**Intel Core i7-9700k @ 3.7GHz
**16GB DDR4-3200 RAM (2x8GB)
*Laptop Specs:
*Here lies the laptop that did 8K encodes (2019). 2018 - 2020
**It died as it lived... something.
*Secondary Laptop Specs (Dubbed "Oldie"):
**Retired 2012 - 2020
***Note: Compared to everything else on this list, this runs Windows 8.1. Everything else runs Windows 10.

*Can encode: Gens, Bizhawk, FCEUX, VBA, DeSmuME, JPC-RR, Mednafen, lsnes, Mupen64, Dolphin
*Connection: Mobile 100 GB 4G / unlimited 3G (variable speed, not above 3 MB/s download)
*Desktop specifications:
**[|Intel core i7-8086k]
**16GB RAM
**NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
**Windows 10 x64
** SSD 512GB (PM951 NVMe Samsung)
** HDD 2TB
*Laptop specifications:
**Intel core i7-6500U dual core(up to 3,10 GHz)
**NVIDIA GeForce 940M
**Windows 10 x64
**Free HDD space: ~60GB.

%%TAB Inactive Encoders%%

* Connection: Theoretically 1.5mbits down, 384kbits up
* ''[TODO]: Complete''

* [TODO] 

__[user:Critical five]__
* Possible platforms: NES, SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive, GBx/GBA, N64
* Connection: Wireless Internet (820 kb/s download average, 90 kb/s upload average)
* Preferred distribution: Mediafire (non-published encodes),, Dailymotion
* Laptop specs:
** AMD II P320 (2,1 Ghz)
** ATI Radeon HD 545v
** Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

*Published platforms: NES, Genesis/Mega Drive, GBx/GBA, DS, SMS, GG, Virtual Boy, SNES
*Possible platforms: DOS, PCE/PCECD
*Connection: [| result here] (But to sum it up, 100 kilobytes a second down, 30 kilobytes a second up)
*Preferred distribution: Mediafire (if someone with a non-Speed Run access account has made a collection) / (for encodes that will almost certainly be published) / YouTube/Dailymotion (Any encode, usually in [EncodingGuide/Legacy/HighDefinition|High Definition])
*---Computer--- Laptop specs:
** Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 (1.67GHz)
** 4GB RAM 
** nVidia 8600M GS
** Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
** 6 gigabytes of available dumping space (This makes it impossible to encode some movies)

* Emulators: JPC-RR, openMSX, dega, mednafen-rr, FCEUX, lsnes.
* Connection: DSL (~800kB/s down, ~80kB/s up)
* Encoding computer specifications:
** Intel i7 quad (Ivy Bridge) 3.4GHz
** 8GB RAM
** Debian Squeeze (Linux, 64 bit)
* [TODO]: Complete

*Possible platforms: NES, SNES, Genesis/MD, GB, GBC, GBA
*Connection: Cable 1Gbps down / 50Mbps up
*Distribution: Mediafire (non-published), YouTube (published)
*Computer Specs
**CPU: Intel Core i5 8400 2.8GHz (up to 3.8GHz)
**Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 FTW Edition 8GB
**OS: Windows 10 Home
**Free Space: About 1.4TB

*Published platforms: SNES, GBC
*Possible platforms: NES, GB, Genesis, GBA, SMS/GG, VB, PCE/whatever, DS
*Connection: Cable (very bad, 4kb/s avg. up, 80 kb/s avg. down)
*Preferred distribution:,
*Encoding computer specifications:
**AMD Turion X2 (2.3 GHz)
**ATI Radeon 3200
**Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit

__[user:Mister Epic]__
*Published platforms: Arcade, GBX, GBA, Genesis/MegaDrive, Sega CD/Mega CD, NES, SNES, PC Engine (CD)/TurboGrafx-16, MSX, DOS, DS, PSX
*Possible platforms: Sega 32x, N64, Virtual Boy (in stereoscopic 3D as well), Saturn, Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket (Color), Wonderswan (Color)
*Computer specifications
**Intel Core i7 920, 2.66 Ghz Quad-Core, currently overclocked to 3.2 Ghz
**2x ATI Radeon HD 5870, 1GB GDDR5 RAM
**Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
**Screen resolution: 1920x1080
*Laptop computer specifications
**Dell Studio XPS 1640
**Intel Core 2 Duo T9800, 2.93 Ghz Dual-Core
**ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670, 512 MB DDR2 RAM
**Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
**Screen resolution: 1920x1080
*Connection: At home (where I am mostly), around 600 kb/s maximum download speed, around 80 kb/s maximum upload speed. At the other home, around 2 mb/s maximum download speed, around 260 kb/s maximum upload speed.
*Preferred distribution: [user:RadioKJ]'s [|], [user:Flygon]'s [|], [|], [|MediaFire], [|YouTube], [|Dailymotion]

*Published platforms: NES, SNES, GB, GBA, Genesis, N64
*Connection: [| result here]
*Preferred distribution: YouTube,
*Computer specs: 
**Intel Core i7 3630QM @ 2.40GHz 
**8 GB RAM 
**Nvidia Geforce GT 750M
**Windows 8 64-bit 

*Published platforms: NES (FCEUX & BizWhack), SNES (SNES9x), Wii, GB/GBC/SGB, GBA, SMS (BizWhack only), Genesis/MD, PSX (PSXJin only), PCE (PCEjin & BizWhack), Arcade, PC (jpc only)
*Probably Publishable Platforms: SNES (lsnes), NDS, Sega CD/32X, Gamecube
*Possibly Publishable Platforms: N64, Windows (Hourglass)
*No Way: PSX (pcsxrr), SMS (Dega)
*Connection: Cable ~2mbps up
**Intel i5 2500k@4.0ghz
**4GiB Buttering Ram
**NVideuh 560Ti
**Windows 7 64

*Published platforms: NES, SNES, DMG, N64, Genesis
*Connection: Cable 25mbps down
*Preferred distribution: Personal Website (,
* Encoding computer specifications:
**AMD Athlon X2 6000+
**6 GB DDR2 6400
**NVidia GTX 260
**Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit

*Published platforms: NES, SNES, N64, Genesis/Mega Drive, SMS, GG, PSX, GBx/GBA, DS, PCE/PCECD, Virtual Boy, DOS
*Connection: cable (~60kb/s upload speed)
*Preferred distribution: Mediafire (non-published encodes) / (published encodes); YouTube for the occasional HD encode
*Computer specs:
** Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 (2.66GHz)
** GeForce GTX 275
** Gentoo Linux

*Published platforms: NES, SNES, Genesis, GBx/GBA, DS, DOS
*Possible platforms: SMS, DOS, Virtual Boy, PCE/PCECD, PS1, Wii, GC (My computer will run whatever, I just need to be taught the proper methods...)
*Connection: Charter Cable Max Internet [=|100M/5M]
*Perferred distribution: Dropbox/Mediafire; (published encodes); Youtube for HD encodes (or dailymotion)
*Computer specs:
**AMD 720 x3 CPU (2.8 ghz tri-core, overclocked to 3.2->3.6 depending on temp.) 
**8 gigs 7-7-7-21 CR1 ddr3-1333 ram (old launch day am3 mobo, so can't use 1600)
**Sapphire ATI Radeon 4850x2 video card (2x gpus in one card)
**Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
*[|Laptop specs:]
**Intel T8300 C2D CPU (2.4 ghz)
**8 gigs 5-5-5-15 CR2 ddr2-666 Ram
**Nvidia Geforce 8600m GT SLI
**Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

* Published platforms: NES, GBA, GBC, GB, SNES, Genesis, N64
* Possible platoforms: GC, Wii, PSX
* Preferred distribution: MediaFire,, YouTube
* Connection: [=| result here]
* Computer specs:
** Pentium Dual-Core (2,93 Ghz)
** ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 series
** 2GB RAM
** Windows XP Professional 32 bit

*Can encode for: Bizhawk, Dolphin*, DOOM, Famtasia, FCEUX, Final Burn Alpha, Gens, JPC-RR, lsnes, Mupen64, Snes9x & VisualBoyAdvance - and potentially others. 
*Connection: NBN FTTN 100mbps down, 40mbps up
*Primary PC specifications:
**Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00ghz
**32GB RAM
**NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
**Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
**Free HDD space: Between 200gb and 20TB (varies excessively depending on temporary lossless files)
*Secondary PC specifications:
**Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40ghz
**AMD R9-285 2GB
**Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
**Free HDD space: 1.5tb.

* NAS: 3TB
* 2x Xeon E5-2658v2 (Ivy Bridge) / GeForce GTX 670 (Kepler) / 32GB RAM / 4TB HDD
* Core i7-8550U (Kaby Lake) / Intel UHD 620 (Kaby Lake) / 16GB RAM / 0.25TB HDD
* Core i5-3470 (Ivy Bridge) / ATI Radeon HD 7000 / 24GB RAM / 0.5TB HDD


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