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!!! [user:feos]: This page has been obsoleted, see [Encoding Guide / Publication Manual] for the most recent version of our Guide.

---This guide is intended to be a detailed walkthrough of our standard approach for creating the high quality multimedia files published alongside our movies from the input files that are normally submitted to the site.  Following this guide is the easiest way to meet the [Encoder Guidelines] (which you should review before and during the process this guide outlines).

Please note that this guide is intended for __encodes intended to be published__, i.e. those that are available through mirrors and BitTorrent.  There are some differences in the process when uploading to streaming media sites; for some of those differences, consult [Encoding Guide / Legacy / Streaming Media].

We are always on the lookout for new encoders, to create encodes for movies presently in the [Subs-List|submission queue].  If you want to help out, read on!

The guide has been laid out in the following six steps:
# [EncodingGuide/Legacy/Requirements|Requirements] - what you need before you get started.
# [EncodingGuide/Logo|Logo] - creating your distinctive encoder logo which identifies an encode as yours.
# [EncodingGuide/VideoDumping|Video Dumping] - setting up the emulator to record video from the input file.
# [EncodingGuide/Legacy/PreEncoding|Pre-encoding] - putting together the logo, subtitles, and video dump in preparation for encoding.
# [EncodingGuide/Legacy/Encoding|Encoding] - what it's all about!
# [EncodingGuide/Legacy/Packaging|Packaging] - muxing your encoded streams and what to do with your encode once it is done.

There's also an all-in-one package available and developed along with the [Encoding Guide / Legacy / Hybrid Encode Script|Hybrid Encode Script]. Currently it's the only mantained page of the guide, check it regularly.---

If you have questions about the process, you can either:
* visit our [Forum/Subforum/52|Encoders' Corner] forum, intended for discussion between our new and veteran encoders alike; or
* contact one of our present [Staff|publishers] or [encoders], either by forum PM or by [IRCChannel|IRC].

Good luck!