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This page lists resources available to specific games. Any user with at least one published movie or with special permissions granted by [Staff|an admin or admin assistant] may edit these pages (see [Editor Guidelines] for more details).
Many game-specific tricks/physics may work in some other games. Therefore it's a good
idea to read all of the resource pages even if you're not playing the particular

* __[Games|Game database]__ hosts all links related to games.
* [GameResources/CommonTricks|Common tricks] page contains tips for finding tricks in games in general.
* [GameResources/BossFightingGuide|Boss Fighting Guide] for boss specific tricks.
* [Platform resources|Platform Resources] contains tricks per platforms with a few game related information and guide for the given emulator.


!!!By system
[GameResources/NES|Nintendo Entertainment System], [GameResources/SNES|Super Nintendo Entertainment System], [GameResources/N64|Nintendo 64], [GameResources/GB|Nintendo GB/SGB/GBC], [GameResources/GBA|Nintendo GBA], [GameResources/DS|Nintendo DS], [GameResources/PSX|Sony PlayStation], [GameResources/Genesis|Sega Genesis], [GameResources/SMS|Sega Master System], [GameResources/GC|Nintendo GameCube], [GameResources/Wii|Nintendo Wii], [GameResources/DOS|DOS (PC)], [GameResources/A7800|Atari 7800], [GameResources/Windows|Windows], [GameResources/PCE|TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine]