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This page lists tricks and information for Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions (GB).

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!!! General information

!! Passwords

For the 5 digit number password, just add all the numbers together and check the table. As a result of this password algorithm, there are several possible passwords leading to the same levels.

||All 5 numbers added || Stage ||


!! Ingame cheat codes

Below the health meter is your points counter. Every time you kill an enemy, you gain 1 point. When you pause and press a key twice, the game converts 10 points into something useful.

||Button combination pressed||Effect||Notes||
|Up+Up|Laser weapon | |
|Right+Right|Autofiring weapon| |
|Down+Down|Huge bullet weapon |The bullets fired by this weapon will pass through breakable blocks and can kill anything in one hit, even immune enemies/objects|
|Left+Left|Bouncing bullet weapon| |
|A+A |Refills jetpack fuel|Works in Super Stages only|
|B+B |Sets health to 5| |

In boss rooms, only the A+A and B+B codes will work.


!! Version differences

There are multiple versions of the game and a mixture of revisional and regional differences between them. At the moment, there are three known versions, although there could be more. The differences are related to:

* Whether there are all or only some enemies present in Stage 1
* Whether the health glitch causes further glitch effects
* Whether the title screen has updated background graphics
* Various minor bug fixes:
** Select can unpause the game and Start+Select during the Staff Credits can reset the game, only on some versions
** Only one shot per frame can be registered in one version, whereas multiple shots can be registered in the other version
** Using up 10 points on the pause screen does not update the points counter while the game is still paused, only on some versions

||Version 1%%%Super Gameboy%%%EU/US||Version 2%%%Gameboy||Version 3%%%Super Gameboy%%%JP||
|Fewer enemies in first Stage%%%Health glitch w/o effects| All enemies in first Stage%%%Health glitch w/ effects|All enemies in first Stage%%%Health glitch w/o effects|

There has been an attempt at distinguishing between the versions using their catridge codes. See [|here].

>>TODO: Investigate.


!! Super Stages

The game has a hidden extra mode that can be accessed by stepping on the cart at the beginning of Stage 1, then repeatedly jumping through the room while building up horizontal speed. If done correctly, instead of loading the next room, the game shows a black screen with the text "Super Stage". 

You are given 100 points and the Stages are extremely difficult to play through, from a casual standpoint, requiring you to navigate through long bottomless sections whilst relying on the "refill jetpack fuel" code.



!!! Glitches

!! Down Button glitch



!! Immunity glitch

While using the jetpack, you are immune to damage by touching enemies.


!! Out of Bounds glitch



!! Health glitch

This glitch will increase your health. To do it, hold Left until you move at full walking speed and then press Right+B. There are two possible variations of this glitch:

* On the SGB version, your health will increase by 64 (0x40). When 63 or lower (<0x3F), you can do it once again to increase it up to 127 (0x7F). The bug is effectively giving you infinite health.
* On the plain GB version, the bug works the same as on SGB. However, the game cannot handle you having 63 health (0x3F) and it starts severely glitching up the game. See Memory Corruption below.


!! Memory Corruption glitch

Do the Health glitch on the plain GB version and reduce your health down to 63. Depending on the system/emulator, there are different outcomes.

This is assuming you use the DMG-YS-NOE-1 or DMG-YS-NOE game (USA & European GB version).

|SGB1|Game freezes|
|GBA|Game turns black and freezes|
|Gameboy Player (PAL)|Game turns black and freezes|
|BGB 1.5.1|Game slows down and flickers. Occasional crashes.|
|VBA v19~23|Game slows down and flickers. Occasional crashes.|
|VBA v24m|Game slows down and flickers. Occasional crashes.|
|Bizhawk 1.11.7 Gambatte-core|Game slows down and flickers. A lot of variety in the glitch. Random jumps to different parts of the game. Very high frequency of crashes.|

As a result of this comparison, it is believed that the glitch effects are likely the result of inaccurate emulation. However, there is the possibility that there are multiple game versions yet untested on the real consoles.

The video below demonstrates the glitch as it happens in Bizhawk 1.11.7 Gambatte-core:



!! Stage 3 Boss glitch

At the boss in Stage 3, jump on one of his shots in a certain way to insta-kill him.

See at 4:40 in the video:



!! Skipping plate rooms



!! Boss Sprite removal glitch




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