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The purpose of this page is to document all of the known tricks
of The Smurfs for the Gameboy.
Due to the nature of this site, we concentrate on tricks for the purpose of speedrunning.



!! Star items

In each level of the game there is a total of 5 star items. Upon collecting them all and finishing the level, a bonus game will start. This is undesirable in a speedrun and should be avoided. In fact, collecting stars in general should be avoided since the "level end" screen counts every collected star item, wasting time.


!! Hitting the snake boss repeatedly

It is possible to hit the snake boss in Act 4 repeatedly, by jumping onto his head each time he becomes vulnerable again.



!! Shortcut in Act 9

Level 9 has some small passages that you aren't supposed to enter. Unfortunately, they don't seem to save time for now...


!! Warp Glitch

In the very first level, upon entering a tree (bonus room), hold the "up" arrow key and the level will be completed immediately. Note: Due to incorrect emulation, this will not work on versions of VBA prior to v23.


!! Left + Right 

When holding "left" and "right", you will enter a state where you walk in place without any horizontal movement. But you won't be pushed back when taking damage either. So if done correctly, you can bypass enemies or obstacles without losing much time.


!! Mine and Sledge level

In order to save time, try to spend as little time on uphill slopes as this will slow you down. Try to spend as much time as possible on downhill slopes. Slopes don't have any effect on speed in normal levels.