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!!!Game intro
super contra 7 was released in late 1996 developed by alias of waixing

it is an unofficial pirated game where sprites are ripped from other NES games.

!!!Run through wall glitch

This is very important against boss fight.
You usually can't walk through wall however it is needed in various situation on boss fight Then you should learn this trick.

This trick allows you to walk through wall without slowing down in normal speed.

!!!Game physics and graphic hitboxes.

* character moves  in every other frame.So second movement input is not necessary it won't change the position of character anyway.

in second input try putting different movement input it won't slow you down even if you press up or down or opposite movement input


*not very important though.
But cool to use even possible in normal play.
During the flashy animation of B power or after dead animation you can make it last for any time you want. To make it happen you have to hold left+right and it will hold the character sprite with hitbox effect.
NOTE:you'll be still normal if you are not on ground

!!!Power and its usefulness


*Best weapon and powerful.

*good rate of fire.


*Can make you vunerable 

*useful when you are in electric area


*Most powerful weapon


*default standard gun



*can kill all appearing enemies including boss


*gives you extra live


*spread bullet in every shot of fire


*"even frame pause can save a lots of frame". The game has a lot of enemy randomness trick even single frame can cause a last boss vunerable for 3 seconds.

*power collecter spaceship can be manipulate unlike super c.


*the game is too laggy even without any enemy getting into the screen.

*two player causes more lags

!!!Shooting and movement basics

*like the first contra the game normally jumps only on certain pace or it will pause some frame to get a  normal jump.