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Hagane: The Final Conflict is a side-scrolling platform game published by Hudson Soft and developed by Red Entertainment for the Super Nintendo in June 1994.

The purpose of this page is to document all of the known tricks of Hagane: The Final Conflict for the SNES.


!!!Game Controls
!!Control Scheme
*__A__	-	Special Attack
*__B__	-	Jump
*__X__	-	Weapon Change (Forward)
*__Y__	-	Attack
*__L__	-	Tumble
*__R__	-	Tumble
*__SELECT__	-	Weapon Change (Backward)
*__START__	-	Pause
Just like any other game, Hagane jumps by holding __B__. While jumping tapping __B__ and then holding it makes Hagane perform a spin jump. 

When falling you can hold __Down__ on the control pad to flame kick, does 1 damage and when it collides with an object (enemies, projectiles or background objects) Hagane bounces after the attack and gets a little height.

On the ground if you hold __Down__ and then __B__ Hagane slides. Usable on slopes only when going down.
!!Special Attack
An explosion that covers the entire screen and damages all enemies within it.  Uses 1 bomb charge.

Deals 6 damage over 53 frames at 2 damage per hit. Adds 26 lag frames.
Hagane has access to 4 different weapons that you use with __Y__:
*__Sword__: Melee attack. 2 damage.
*__Kunai__: Projectile. Flies in a straight line, 2 damage. Only 2 projectiles from Hagane can be on the screen at the same time.
*__Bomb__: Projectile. Flies in an arc, direct contact does 2 damage while the explosion that results from it does 1 damage. Only 2 projectiles from Hagane can be on the screen at the same time.
*__Chain__: Semi Ranged attack. Flies in a straight line, extends to a certain limit and then retracts doing 1 damage. If holding UP on the control pad, launches the chain upwards and if it hits the ceiling can bring Hagane towards it.
You can change weapons using the __X__ to scroll forward or __SELECT__ to scroll backwards, takes 1 frame.
Tumbling is a special action that behaves according to the direction Hagane is facing. __L__ tumbles to the left. __R__ tumbles to the right.

If you tumble forward Hagane enters a flashing animation that has 3 phases. After each phase you can use either __Y__ or __B__ to do a special attack.

__Phase 1__: Hagane rolls forward.
*__Y__: Slides forward with the sword. 
*__B__: Jump Kick.

__Phase 2__: After phase 1, Hagane flashes blue and jumps.
*__Y__: Somersault Kick.
*__B__: Spinning Kick. Hits multiple times.

__Phase 3__: After phase 2, Hagane flashes yellow and jumps higher.
*__Y__: Slams his sword into the ground releasing a fire dragon that spreads out and does damage to all enemies nearby.
*__B__: Vertical Kick. 25 damage.

If you tumble backwards, Hagane back flips and gains invincibility through it's duration.
!!Camera Manipulation
Reaching a certain point in some stages triggers a cut-scene, boss fight or an end level flag. Some of these points are triggered by camera position instead of Hagane sprite. Spin-jumping, backflipping or slidding DOESN'T move the camera. Standing still, walking and tumbling forwards do. Walking is quicker in cases when Hagane is on the edge of the screen.

!!Animation Canceling
Every ground attack from Hagane can be canceled 1 frame after executing it, this allows Hagane to inmediately launch another one.
To perfom this just slide __Down__+__B__ for 1 frame after perfoming an action.

!!Vertical Boost
If you input a Flame Kick __Down__ in the air and collide with an object (enemies, projectiles or background objects) Hagane bounces after the attack and gets a little height. This height can be dramatically improved by pressing and holding __B__ before the collision, in cases where the object is to close to Hagane leave an empty frame and then input __Down__+__B__.

!!Chain Glitch
The chain glitch allows Hagane to enter certain walls and climb them incredibly fast. To perform it follow these instructions:
# Place Hagane facing away from the wall.
# Jump and attack with the chain.
# Press and hold towards the wall for 10-11 frames. This will force the Hagane sprite inside the wall.
# Press __Down__. Hagane will do a Flame Kick, and then switch to a crouching state.
# Jump again and repeat.

If the sprite is by the edge of the wall Hagane will zip inside it, killing him if he goes too deep. To avoid this, just throw a projectile so Hagane can rise to the level of the platform.