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The purpose of this page is to list all known tricks and glitches for Tyler, a 1995 Windows shareware game by Ugly Dog Software.

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!! Travel diagonally

You can travel diagonally by pressing two directions at the same time (such as Up and Left). You can travel between diagonally adjacent tiles, even though it isn't intended for you to do so.

!! Out of bounds

You can travel out of bounds of the map by moving diagonally. This works because you only die if you are directly adjacent to a platform tile. When moving too far out of bounds, your ball can disappear forever, softlocking the current level. 


!! Get pushed by green enemy

The green spinning things launch you into a predetermined direction by 1 tile when touched, possibly pushing you from the map and killing you. If you touch them and press the same direction simultaneously, you can move out of bounds.
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!! Passwords


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