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!!! I want to contribute! What can I do?

This site depends on the contributions of its audience.  Without you, there would be no TASVideos!  Everybody has something they can contribute!  

This list is broken down into types of contributing depending on the experience and resources of the user.

%%TAB Watching/Rating/Voting

Just watching and giving your opinions can greatly help the site.

[Profile/Ratings|Rating movies]
*If you have [Account/Login|logged in], you can rate movies.  This helps improve the quality of the current ratings.  The more opinions the better.

[Subs-List|Voting for submissions]

*Registered users at the forums can become a test audience and vote on submissions, based on whether they liked it or not.
*It helps the judges in deciding whether the submission should be published to become part of the site's material, or rejected because it does not have enough entertainment and/or perfection in it.
**Note: Voting does not become available immediately. One needs to spend some effort in getting known by fellow posters before the voting becomes available.

(Advice on rating/voting is available at [Voting Guidelines].)

Watch our movies on our Streaming media accounts
*Every publication has a link to the movie on YouTube and/or other streaming sites.  Watching movies here increases our views which indirectly helps contribute to the site.

%%TAB Uploading

__Streaming Media__

We need help uploading our publications to our [EncodingGuide/Legacy/StreamingMedia|StreamingMedia] accounts.

[TODO/UnstreamedMovies|Unstreamed Movies]

[TODO/NoYoutube|No Youtube]

%%TAB Submitting Movies

The goal of the site is to share high quality Tool-assisted Speedrun/Superplay (abbreviated TAS) movies to the world.  Therefore, our most important contribution are TAS movies themselves!

Making a TAS movie requires a [EmulatorResources|rerecording capable emulator].

Be sure to read our [TASing Guide] before attempting a TAS.  This page includes some instructional videos on TAS making as well.

Also be sure to read the [Movie Rules] before [Subs-List|submitting] a TAS movie.

* Do you think you know a game you can make an entertaining TAS of?
* Do you think you could improve some existing movie?
You are more than welcome to try!

%%TAB Editing

This site is a wiki. Almost anyone can become an [Staff|editor] upon request. To do so, contact an [Staff|admin assistant or site admin]. Please mention if there is anything in particular you are hoping to contribute. Editors can edit the pages of this site and create new pages.

Check out the [TextFormattingRules|custom markup] before you start.

__Needed editing contributions__

* Adding descriptions to published movies.
* Creating screenshots for [TODO/PublicationsThatNeedAScreenshot|publications that need them]. Read [Screenshots] first.
* Adding TAS techniques to pages in the [Game Resources]. We are always desiring a greater body of knowledge of gaming techniques.
* Combing the [=forum/|forum] wishlists and adding them to the [ListOfIdeas] as well as adding your own requests. It is important to keep this page up to date with good TAS ideas.
* Helping with the [TODO].
* Writing a good TAS tutorial.  Our site needs good instructional tutorials on how to get started making a TAS. Any TAS tutorial should be linked in the [Guidelines].

%%TAB Translating

We maintain user [translations] of our wiki pages. Anyone with [Staff|Editor] privileges can create new translation pages or improve the existing ones, just always make sure to verify them by other contributors that speak your language.

%%TAB Coding

People with coding experience are always needed.

__Coding for the site__

[|Code of the TASVideos website]

Our site is open source and always looking for help with bugs and new features.  The site is written with C# and PostgreSQL.

__Helping emulator development__

[|GitHub TASEmulators]

This site depends on emulators capable of rerecording, most of which are open source. We are always in need of help from coders for maintaining and developing these emulators. Anyone interested in rerecording emulator development should consult [Emulator Resources/Development].

We __definitely__ want new good rerecording emulators.  People often over estimate the amount of experience needed to make useful coding contributions.  Many times, unimplemented features, or bugs are the result of lack of time, not difficulty in coding.  If you have any experience in C, C++, or C# and are curious about helping, please contact [user:adelikat]!

We greatly hope people will help improve emulators to meet our [EmulatorResources/Requirements|site requirements].  Interested in adding rerecording tools but don't know of a particular emulator?  See our [EmulatorResources/PotentialEmulators|list of potential emulators].

%%TAB Encoding

The site is founded on publishing encoded movies.  Without these, we have no site.  Therefore, we are always looking for people capable of making good encodes.

__Making quick encodes of submissions__

These encodes aren't as demanding as our [Encoder Guidelines].  We like it when our [Subs-List|submissions] are encoded and put on a [EncodingGuide/Legacy/StreamingMedia|streaming media] site.  Contact a [Staff|publisher] for more information.

__Making encodes for publication__

Accepted movies need to be published, meaning they require high quality multimedia files meeting [EncoderGuidelines|strict requirements] to be created; the [Encoding Guide] has suggestions for how to get started.

In addition, we have many historical movies requiring [TODO/NoYoutube|encodes suitable for streaming on YouTube].

__Becoming a publisher__

If you have encodes published on the site and feel you can contribute to the publication process, contact [Staff|a senior publisher or administrator] about becoming a publisher.

%%TAB Judging

If you are an experienced TASer and meet the [JudgeGuidelines|requirements] you can apply to be a Judge. Contact [Staff|a senior judge or administrator].

Judges decide the fate of our [Subs-List|submissions].