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!! Personal Information

My name is Danny Fowler, I'm 18 years old and I live in the USA.  

!! All movies I have made

(Format stolen from [/HomePages/Bisqwit/Projects|Bisqwit].)
| ''Adventures of Tom Sawyer'' |''v1  10:09.00''
| [216M|Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu] |v1  17:03.60 (obsoleted)
| [209M|Journey to Silius] |v1  11:12.22 (obsoleted)
| ''Time Lord'' |''v1  07:20:32 (restarted after level 4)''
| ''Time Lord'' |''v2  06:52.07 (on hold indefinitely)''
| ''Castlevania : Dracula X'' |''v1  05:03:18 (cancelled partway through level 3)''
| ''Altered Beast'' |''v1  06:44.32 (obsoleted by v2)''
| [96M|Altered Beast] |v2  06:21.57
| ''Castlevania : Bloodlines'' |''v1  31:39.32 (desyncs at first sub-boss on other machines)''
| ''Chuck Rock'' |''v1  09:14.60''
| [235M|Chuck Rock] |v2  09:05.83 (obsoleted)
| ''Dark Castle'' |''v1  01:37.57 (played on easy mode, obsoleted by v2)''
| ''Dark Castle'' |''v2  03:07.20 (played on hard mode, obsoleted by v3)''
| [211M|Dark Castle] |v3  02:43.95 (obsoleted)
| [354M|Lion King] |v1  14:40.97
| ''Megaman : The Wily Wars (Megaman 1)'' |''v1  24:14.62''
| ''Rocket Knight Adventures'' |''v1  36:03.84 (obsoleted by v2)''
| [134M|Rocket Knight Adventures] |v2  34:20.10
| ''Strider'' |''v1  09:20.73 (obsoleted by Neofix)''

!! Movies I would like to see made

||NES||SNES||Genesis||Game Boy (Color)||Game Boy Advance
|King's Quest V|Ardy Lightfoot| |Ninja Gaiden Shadow|Golden Sun
|Dr. Chaos|Joe and Mac| |Commander Keen| 
|Super Mario Bros. 2%%%warpless|Kirby's Dream%%%Land 3|Sonic 3-D Blast|Castlevania : Legends| 
|Golgo 13%%%Top Secret Episode| |Sword of Sodan| | 

!! Movies I would like to see improved

Note: Just because I'd like to see a movie improved, that doesn't mean I'd like to do it.  Feel free to make an improved movie of any of these suggestions, Mr./Ms./Mrs. Anonymous Reader.

| | |Altered Beast%%%(2 players)
| |Actraiser| 

My email is [] just in case you need to contact me.