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I'm Memory, a [|trans woman] TASer that started in late 2015. I typically play games for Nintendo systems, but am not against TASing other systems. I'm interested in a wide variety of genres.

I was first introduced to speedrunning and sequence breaking around 2007 where I discovered a site called [|Metroid2002] while waiting for the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I've been on and off involved the speedrunning community since then, but didn't actually really contribute particularly much until around October of 2015 where I started glitch hunting LEGO BIONICLE for the GBA, which eventually led into me making my first TAS and [4948S|first submisssion]. Since then I've fallen in love with TASing and glitch hunting.

On May 23, 2018, I was made Judge. I hope to do the site proud with my position.

On February 8, 2020 I was made Moderator.

On September 2, 2021, I was made Admin Assistant because I do a bunch of weird things.

In addition to TASing I really love certain visual novels like the Ace Attorney series and the Zero Escape series.

!!!My Judgments
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!!!My TASes

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!!Current Projects
* Huh
!!On hold
*F-Zero Maximum Velocity - Haven't started the next Series yet
*Metroid II - Improvement on "select glitch" branch. Maps on hold
*LostWinds - Need to completely restart because the version of Dolphin I started this on doesn't work quite as well on my current machine. Also think there might be some early game improvements.
* Mystery NES Game with [user:Samsara]: lol
!!Canceled Projects
*Bomberman Max 2: Red Advance - If I ever get back to this it'd probably be Blue Advance unless TASing both versions are warranted.
*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan - Was just too frustrating and unfun - Thanks Alyosha for doing the movie so I don't have to lol
* Super Bonk 2: too much unmarked lag
!!Potential Future Projects
Note these aren't in any particular order and a bunch of other stuff might pop up that I end up TASing that aren't on the list.

*F-Zero GP Legend and F-Zero Climax - These would be done in time attack mode for a variety of reasons. Don't think I'd tackle these directly after MV though (assuming I get around to them).
*Wario World - Finding memory addresses for this game seems to be a pain. Might push on through anyways.
*Taz: Wanted - I said I was going to TAS this game like in 2016, didn't I? Oops.
*Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz: Eventually
*Metroid Prime Hunters - Improvement on current TAS eventually. Some things have been found since but I really haven't been motivated to touch the game. Maybe when some new desmume version or some new rerecording DS emulator comes out.
*Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Hard Campaign - Either all missions or all missions max score
*LEGO BIONICLE - 100% would have some neat stuff to it, probably not going to be a new any% ever unless there's a new discovery.

!!!Underrated TASes I like
Shamelessly ripping off Samsara's section
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|| ||[1175M]||
|[|]|Metroid II often gets criticism from a lot of people for being "boring" but I never really got that. This is probably one of the first TASes I've watched. I messed around with select glitch a ton when I was 12 and loved exploring the glitch worlds. This TAS is the embodiment of all that is awesome with that glitch and with this game as a whole. Anything that lets you destroy the alphabet is incredible. I really want to beat this some day. Best Metroid TAS on the site in my opinion.|

|| ||[3931M]||
|[|]|CUTEST GAME THOUGH. This game has some really good sense of speed for gameboy and the spastic movement that happens as a result is fun to watch. However the highlight is just how absolutely adorable the game is.|

|| ||[3760M]||
|[|]|Actually has some really good ratings but never got stars and I feel it really deserved it. At first I wasn't the biggest fan of this TAS, but then every subsequent watch I noticed something new. It is a really great showcase of what can be done with multiplayer TASing.|

|| ||[3794M]||
|[|]|While there has been plenty of great gamecube TASes over the years, I feel Wii is largely unexplored territory. The Conduit is not the most revolutionary FPS but still has some really neat tricks in a TAS setting like crazy out of bounds and firing a pistol way faster than should be physically possible.|

|| ||[4014M]||
|[|]|Imagine puppies rolling down a street at 60 miles per hour. Only thing I don't like about this TAS is that they stand still while setting up for clips. Next iteration I hope somebody fixes this.|

|| ||[4079M]||
|[|]|I freaking love X-COM but I wasn't expecting to enjoy the TAS because I already knew the general outline of events. You only do 3 missions total and most the time is spent researching and stuff. But those three missions honestly ended up being incredible to me. ROTATING THE PATH TRAJECTORY OF ENEMY PROJECTILES MIDFLIGHT IS INCREDIBLE. Also some incredible usage of autofire and some really lucky stuns. If you don't know the game it is basically impossible to enjoy but I love it a lot.|
|| ||[2089M]||
|[|]|World of Goo is a FANTASTIC indie puzzle game with a lot of heart and cool levels, and this TAS absolutely breaks a lot of the physics. It rules.|

!!!Doors with 9's (other websites)
*[|My YouTube channel]
*[|My Twitter account] (Warning I tweet a lot)
*[|Twitch channel] (Warning I rarely stream)
*In the [LiveChat|TASVideos IRC and Discord] I can be found as "MemoryTAS".

!!!TASVideos Stuff To-Do list

Mainly for my own personal usage, not in any particular order.

*Discuss unofficial porting Game Maker to Linux
*Standard rollout - currently on forgoes major skip glitch
**[4320M] look into obsoleted movies
*Clean up wiki articles (Movie Rules comes to mind but also various publisher docs etc)
*Discussion about requirements for custom TASing engines and create process for acceptance
*Discuss simplification and/or removal of genre bans
*Post rewrite - discuss system for marking various userfiles as significant in some way