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!! About me

I am [module:timesincedate|y=1994|m=4|d=29|out=years] years old and live in the Netherlands.

Currently, I serve on TASVideos staff as admin assistant, Discord server administrator, and moderator.

!! My history with TASVideos

! 2007-2009 - discovery and lurking

My first introduction to a TAS was a YouTube video of [748M|Super Mario 64 "16 stars" by Rikku], which I discovered somewhere around 2007. Through further searching through scattered YouTube videos and descriptions, I found the basic ideas of how these movies were made. It did take a while until I found one of those videos which also sent me through to TASVideos - this would be somewhere around late 2008 or early 2009.

I started out just as a site lurker, looking for TASes of games I liked (mainly Mega Man games) and the occasional front page star publications. I was not involved with the forum side, until one day in August of 2009, I spotted [2377S|a new Mega Man 2 submission] on the workbench. This would end up being the main driver towards me joining the forum, just so I could voice my approval of that publication.

! 2009 - joining the site

Having joined the site to comment on the Mega Man 2 submission, I started getting more into the forum and community side. I did not consider myself a seriously capable TASer at the time, although it was around this time that I'd create my first TAS attempts of games such as Mega Man, although they were obviously far below par and I never shared them with anyone. As I gained more experience, I started to put some of my TASes on YouTube and on microstorage - these were generally boss battle exhibitions or other glitch/trick videos for classic Mega Man games. I mainly communicated about this in the Mega Man threads with t3h Icy (who I did a few co-operation projects with, none too serious) and mega_man_3 (later known as GlitchMan), who was working on his [2521S|own Mega Man TASes] at the time.

Some months later, in the final months of 2009, I also discovered the IRC channel, and started becoming a regular there.

! 2010 - first serious TAS production

In the early days of January 2010, I was approached by AngerFist about an upcoming TAS project. This involved himself, Atma and FractalFusion who were about to start a Mega Man X6 all-bosses TAS. I still did not consider myself a serious TASer at this point, but as a form of initiation I was made to make a TAS of the intro stage. After I did, Atma improved it, and I redid the stage again, and he improved it again. A few iterations later, we figured it was good enough, and I would proceed on the TAS. Because of how actively I started working on the project, none of the other TASers actually ended up having any input on the project - only Rolanmen1, who joined the project midway through, got to have a small amount of input in it. Because the project became basically my own at this point (everyone involved refused co-authorship), I submitted it as my own: [2653S]

Later on in the same year I'd submit two more TASes, one of Mega Man X5 (the first TAS I'd make that would improve on a published TAS) and one of Mega Man ZX Advent. I'd also make a TAS of Mega Man ZX together with Rolanmen1 (my first full co-authorship), which was submitted a few days after the new year.

Despite creating three successful TASes of main-line Mega Man games, and a fourth shortly after year's end, I only got tied for 5th place for Rookie TASer of 2010, behind Ilari, Dooty, p4wn3r, and Rolanmen1 (and tied with Marcokarty). 2010 was a crazy year.

In subsequent years I would continue on various further TAS projects, most of them still Mega Man related. I also got into fighting game TASes around this point, although none of those came very far. I also continued being active on IRC, where I got more acquainted with staff members such as Nach and DarkKobold.

! 2012 - Judge and moderator

In May 2012, DarkKobold (then senior judge) put out a call for judges. One area of judging that was in demand at the time was handling PSX submissions, which I had a few years of experience with by this point. This, as well as being generally on good standing and considered a knowledgable TASer, helped me get on board as a judge. I formally became a judge on May 14th, 2012.

Just one month later, on June 18th 2012, I was also promoted to moderator by DarkKobold, who was impressed by my professional appearance and defusing of situations in the workbench.

! 2014 - Senior judge

On May 5th, 2014, almost two years after becoming a judge, Nach promoted me to senior judge, to succeed outgoing senior judge FractalFusion. FractalFusion was largely inactive by this point, and the presence of an active senior judge was sorely needed.

! 2016 - Admin assistant

On October 26th, 2016, I was granted the role of Admin Assistant by adelikat. At the time, behind the scenes I had already been busy with some relatively menial administration tasks (like name changes, database cleanup, and some backend development). Getting the role officially was more of an overdue formality. Nevertheless, the role would still be representative of my status as a worker on the administrative side.

! 2018 - End of judging

Some time during early 2018, I felt my interest in judging had been waning - mainly on account of relatively consistent drama surrounding movie rules, which I eventually got exhausted of having to be involved in. I took some time to find a suitable successor for the senior judge role, which ended up going to feos - thus ended my 6 years of being a judge, and 4 years of being a senior judge.

! 2021 - Final submission

On May 5th, 2021, I submitted what was scheduled to be my last submission: [7118S]

As of the publication of that movie, I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve for published TASes.

At this point (May 11th, 2021) I have built up the following statistics:
* 64 submissions
* 71 published movies
* 8 Awards (of which 7 for Exotic TAS/TASer)
* [/HomePages/Noxxa/AllPlatformsChallenge|32 published platforms] (the most of any TASer, with adelikat in second at 28, and EZGames69 in third at 15)
* [/HomePages/Noxxa/Rankings/AllTime|The most player points of any user] (4700 player points as of writing, more than 700 points ahead of adelikat in second place)

Coming off the success of my last submission/publication, and having achieved everything I wanted to achieve with above-mentioned statistics, I have decided that this would be my last TAS project.

It's been a great run for more than 11 years at this point, which I can happily look back on.

Now it's time to see what else the future might bring for me.


On August 14th, 2021, twelve years after first signing up for the site, I changed my handle from [Mothrayas] to Noxxa, the handle I use in most other places, social media, YouTube, Twitch, Discord, etc. This was a bit of an overdue change for me, as I'd already stopped using my old handle literally everywhere else, but changing it on TASVideos would have been a lot of work.

Even after updating various parts, there still will be many, many references to my old handle around, simply because way too many things happened over the course of the last 12 years to ever be able to fully update everything. Nevertheless, I'm still sure we can get used to this change.

!! Contributions

%%TAB Published runs%%

These are the tool-assisted speedruns that I made and got published on the site. Newest movies are first.


%%TAB Submissions%%

For a full list of all my submissions to the workbench, see [Subs-1853up|here].

Below are my submissions on the site that didn't make it for publication. For the submissions that did make it, see the published movies tab.


Submitted on April Fools Day 2011, in between a large flood of poor submissions.

This submission is actually a rushed section of the GTA2 TAS I was working on at the time. For April Fools, I decided to instead kill the player character as fast as possible, "ending" the player character's adventure.

I cancelled it the next day.


Also submitted on April Fools Day 2011.

In this one, I used cheats to unlock the final bonus stage, where the goal is to kill as many Hare Krishna as possible before the player dies or time runs out. The original plan was to get a maximum score, but due to time constraints, I stopped at 50 people.

Also cancelled the next day.


An April Fools 2012 submission, it is a full and complete run of Super Adventure Rockman - an interactive FMV game, released only in Japan.

Needless to say, it eventually got rejected due to poor game choice. It was briefly unrejected for [Vault] consideration, but then rejected again when a rule was introduced to disallow games with too little user interactivity.


I originally submitted this as an improvement to adelikat's submission of the game (which I was judging). Then a few days later, it got improved by TehSeven's attempt of the game. I then improved his run again. Frame wars are really fun.


A 2015 April Fools' submission, showing off bootleg game Street Dance & Hit Mouse. Contains enough music for YouTube to autodetect and ban the video in several countries, including the United States, Japan, and Germany. Enjoy the music and the automated DDR action!


Another 2015 April Fools' submission, in which it's made clear how easy it is to fake a movie ending when nobody knows the game. The YouTube video had the game's ending edited in at the end, while the movie file played exactly half of the game and did not finish it.

This movie was completed next year and published: [3125M]

%%TAB Judge list

Here's a list of tool-assisted speedruns I have judged. See [Activity/Judges] to compare statistics with the other judges.


%%TAB Hide all


Thanks for visiting my page!