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!!!I post all of my stuff on my YouTube page. Be sure to check out my channel there for lots of cool speedruns and TASes:

!!Super Mario 64

I started TASing in summer/autumn 2006, with mr_roberts_z. We both started messing around with Super Mario 64 in Mupen, and quickly got pretty good at it, having times that were comparable to those of AKA and Rikku (who were, at the time, engaging in frame wars over 16 star runs).

Eventually, I started a 16 star run of my own, using a controller (which was really bloody awkward, because I still played in frame advance; I just didn't like  the TAS input plugin at the time), which was a few seconds ahead of the most recently-published SM64 run. One day, I contacted AKA for help with another game, and we got onto the subject of SM64. He told me that he was, in secret, making an improvement to Rikku's run, so I told him that I was doing the same thing. We exchanged WIPs, and there were some parts that I was faster at, and others that he was faster at. Impressed by my WIP, he asked if I would coauthor a run with him, which I was more than happy to.

So after a few weeks of TASing together, we finished our 15:08 run, which was my first complete TAS. It can be found [849M|here]. It had many new tricks that weren't seen in the previous run, including a new star route in the basement (which included the star seen in the screenshot in that link, where we blasted Mario up the lavafall to quickly get the star at the top of it).

A few months later, I went to America for a holiday. During the time I was away (without Internet), AKA and some others were experimenting with a new way of BLJing, which only involved one step (normally, we would need a staircase). When I returned, AKA told me about this, and we quickly got to work. After a few weeks of testing, we discovered that we could use this trick to bypass the 30 star door in the basement, which led to the first 1 star run, found [938M|here].

A few months after this, we began trying to find ways to get past Dire, Dire Docks without getting the submarine star from it. I found a more effective way to build Mario's speed up on the stairs, which allowed him to also stay on the stairs for longer. This gave him just enough speed to shoot through the DDD entrance, and allowed the first 0 star run to be made, found [1017M|here].

Quite a while after this, I discovered that our 0 star run was improvable by quite a bit due to a new method I found for getting into Bowser in the Dark World. I asked AKA if he would like to coauthor an improvement with me, but he said he'd "let me claim this one", so I did it myself. I found working on the run myself a lot less fun than working on it with another TASer. This run can be found [1089M|here].

After this, I was beginning to miss the 16 star runs. The first run I did of the game was also the last published 16 star run, so I was quite annoyed that I didn't get to participate more in that. Because of this, I decided to make a 16 star run myself, defining it as a run that didn't use single-step BLJing. I improved the last published 16 star run by quite a lot. This run can be found here:

Throughout all of this, I was frequently watching other TASers' WIPs and assisting mr_roberts_z with his 120 star TAS while he was working on it. He has since dropped this run, and some other authors have taken over it. I currently have no plans to return to TASing the game because I don't particularly like the direction the game has gone in regards to TASing.

!!Ocarina of Time

This is the game that I TAS the most. I think it's the best game ever created and TASes of it are the best TASes in the world. I started working on it loosely in late 2007 but didn't actually finish a full run of it til early 2012, seen [2020M|here].

I also made an Any% run which beats the game in less than 20 minutes (timing from power on til last hit on Ganon).

!!Link's Awakening DX

My TAS of this is one of the highest rated runs on the site, so I'm very proud of it because I worked really hard on this one to make it entertaining. I still think it's the best TAS I've ever made and I definitely had more fun TASing this game than any other, even though I think OoT is a much better game overall. The run also received a star which made me incredibly happy and proud because it meant that lots of people enjoyed the run. You can check it out [1462M|here].

!!Oracle of Ages/Seasons

I've been working on these on and off since 2007. In late 2010, I began a serious attempt at OoS and after I had done about 3 dungeons, Tompa joined me and we blasted through the rest of the game together and made a fantastic TAS of it. Although these games look simple and very similar to Link's Awakening, they're really not. The manipulation in them is the worst and most frustrating that I've seen in any game, and it bothers me how this is never really conveyed in the final product because people probably instinctively think that these games are easy to TAS. The run we did is [1963M|here].

!!Action 52: The Cheetahmen

LOL [1584M] The Angry Video Game Nerd inspired me to make this run. I later donated to his site to help fund his upcoming movie and he sent me this: :D

!!Wildwaters Extreme Kayak

This is a cool prototype of an unreleased N64 game which has some crazy speed properties (you gain a ton of speed from sliding against rocks, for some reason), so I TASed until the end of the one playable level.