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Hi, I am Ilya Averkov, known in the TAS world under nicknames WST and sylabulus. I am a pure tool-assisting speedrunner, my realtime skills are very poor. I have great experience at TASing Sonic the Hedgehog and it’s hacks; however, Sonic wasn’t the only one game I played in my childhood. In fact, my first «Sonic» game was Somari — a pirated Dendy game which was quite popular in my country in 1990s. Thus, when I first time saw Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis, I was sure it was a remake/improvement of the more famous (as I thought) Somari.

I also played Battle City, Super Mario Bros., Comix Zone and some other games, but I don’t feel like I want to TAS them. There are a lot of Sonic hacks available nowadays, thus, playing the same game again and again never makes me bored. I prefer cooperative TASing with my friends, mainly feeuzz and Qwerty, but sometimes I TAS alone. Most of my TAS projects are just-for-fun runs of separate levels. They are not meant to be submitted or to turn into serious projects, thus, I simply put them on my [|Youtube channel]. I add watermark to my videos after one bad guy stole some of my friends’ videos.

I really love [|Apple Bloom]. You can easilly find her «photos» on the walls in my room. And sometimes her adorableness can even help to shave off a couple of frames. Seriously.

! My own TAS projects
* Sonic 3 and Amy Rose (Amy any%) by WST and marzojr — finished, [4516S|submitted], [2752M|accepted]
* Amy in Sonic 2 (Amy any%) by WST — postponed
* Amy in Sonic 1 (Amy any%) by WST — in progress
* Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Knuckles any%) by WST, feeuzz and marzojr — in progress
* Sonic and Knuckles (Knuckles any%) by WST, feeuzz and Qwerty — finished, [4118S|submitted], [2494M|accepted]

! Runs I contribute to
* Sonic Boom by got4n and WST — significant input portions — finished, submitted, rejected
* Sonic 1 Megamix by nitsuja and feeuzz — general advisory — in progress
* Knuckles in Sonic 1 by marzojr and WST — minor input parts — finished, [4166S|submitted], [2521M|accepted]
* Tails in Sonic 1 by marzojr — a minor input contribution resulting in an improvement
* Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Knuckles any%) by Qwerty and WST — major input portions