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The BizHawk emulation project was made by and for TASers. Its products include the __EmuHawk__ app and many emulation cores.

__EmuHawk is a multi-system emulator frontend__. It runs on most desktop and laptop PCs (Windows or GNU+Linux, x86_64[#1]), can make movies (re-record) for 40+ systems, and offers unified debugging and scripting interfaces for them all, with few exceptions.
You can find __up-to-date setup instructions [|in the readme]__ on GitHub.
The readme also has information for casual players—the links on this page are intended for TASers and glitch hunters.

EmuHawk is tightly-integrated with __TAStudio__, a piano roll interface for "composing" movies, which is based on FCEUX' TAS Editor. It uses savestates internally to let you rewind in an instant and adjust inputs.
[TASingGuide] includes a tutorial on TAStudio.

As per [EmulatorResources] and/or [Platforms], EmuHawk is the preferred emulator for submissions to TASVideos in most cases. This is because accuracy has been valued over performance when choosing [|which cores to include].
That said, some less-accurate cores are included (for botting), so be aware of that when starting a project.


[BizHawk/LuaFunctions|Lua scripting]

BizHawk's movie format is {{[BizHawk/BK2Format|.bk2]}}, the successor to {{[BizHawk/BKMFormat|.bkm]}}. EmuHawk is still able to read movies in the old format, along with many foreign formats—though of course syncing across versions or across emulators is not guaranteed.

[|the readme] on the GitHub repo

also keeping [BizHawk/BasicBot], [BizHawk/C64], [BizHawk/FAQ], [BizHawk/MAME], and [BizHawk/NDS]


BizHawk is Free Software[#2]: you're free to use it however you like, hack it to pieces, and distribute copies.
We ask that any code you write for it is shared similarly (for example, [|with a PR on GitHub])—and if you need to hard fork, change the name and logo. Also don't rehost stock builds thanks.

!! Old links

Below are all the links from the previous incarnation of this page that weren't covered above. Keep in mind that most BizHawk documentation on this wiki is outdated.


BizHawk is a multi-platform emulator with full rerecording support and [BizHawk/LuaFunctions|Lua scripting]. BizHawk focuses on core accuracy and power user tools while still being an easy-to-use emulator for casual gaming.

!! Downloads
* Windows users must download and run the [|prereq installer] first.
* [BizHawk/ReleaseHistory|Binary Links and Release notes including upcoming releases]
* [|Developer build] of the most recent commit
* [BizHawk/PreviousReleaseHistory|Binary Links for older versions]
Never mix different versions of BizHawk. Keep each version in its own folder.

!! Project info
* Code project: []
* Downloads: []
* [=forum/subforum/64|BizHawk Forum]
* IRC Channel: #bizhawk on is for hawk biz
* Discord: {{#emulation}} on [|the TASVideos Discord]
** Also the more specialised channels {{#tas-production}} and {{#scripting}} (for Lua) on that server
** For the .NET API, [|the ApiHawk server]

!! Documentation and Help
! Quick Start
* Download and install the [|prerequisites]
* Unzip BizHawk into its own folder
* Run EmuHawk.exe


! Other Resources
* [BizHawk/FAQ|FAQ]
* [|Known Issues]
* [BizHawk/Speed|Speed & Throttling]
* Rewinding @ [BizHawk/Speed|Speed & Throttling]
* [BizHawk/DisplayConfig|Display Configuration]
* [BizHawk/SoundConfig|Sound Configuration]
* [BizHawk/Features|Features]
* [BizHawk/Rerecording|Rerecording]
* [BizHawk/CommandLine|Command Line]
* [BizHawk/Compiling|Compiling]
* [|Core Port Requests] - A breakdown of possible platforms and current plans for supporting them
* [BizHawk/CompactDiscInfoDump|Compact Disc Info Dump]
* [BizHawk/Contributors|Contributors]

!! Supported platforms and platform-specific documentation

* [BizHawk/MAME|Arcade machines]
* [BizHawk/AppleII|Apple II]
* [BizHawk/Atari2600|Atari 2600]
* [BizHawk/Atari7800|Atari 7800]
* [BizHawk/AtariLynx|Atari Lynx]
* [BizHawk/Coleco|ColecoVision]
* [BizHawk/C64|Commodore 64]
* [BizHawk/GB|Game Boy, Super Game Boy, and Game Boy Color]
* [BizHawk/GBA|Game Boy Advance]
* [BizHawk/Intellivision|Mattel Intellivision]
* [BizHawk/PCE|NEC PC Engine] (AKA TurboGrafx-16), including SuperGrafx and PCE CD
* [BizHawk/NGP|Neo Geo Pocket]
* [BizHawk/N64|Nintendo 64]
* [BizHawk/NDS|Nintendo DS/DSi]
* [BizHawk/NES|Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, Famicom Disk System]
* Odyssey 2
* [BizHawk/Genesis|Sega Genesis, Sega-CD, 32x]
* [BizHawk/SMS|Sega Master System, Game Gear, and SG-1000]
* [BizHawk/Saturn|Sega Saturn]
* [BizHawk/PSX|Sony PlayStation]
* [BizHawk/SNES|Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Famicom]
* [BizHawk/TI83|TI-83] graphing calculator
* Uzebox
* [BizHawk/Vectrex|Vectrex]
* [BizHawk/VBoy|Virtual Boy]
* [BizHawk/Wonderswan|Wonderswan] and Wonderswan Color
* [BizHawk/ZXSpectrum|ZX Spectrum]

!! Accuracy
* [EmulatorResources/NESAccuracyTests|NES Accuracy Tests]
* [EmulatorResources/SNESAccuracyTests|SNES Accuracy Tests]
* [EmulatorResources/GBAccuracyTests|GB Accuracy Tests]
* [|Playstation Accuracy Tests] ([|Archived mirror])


[1]: __Windows 10+__ on x86_64 is supported out-of-the-box.
Windows on ARM (= AArch64) is __not__ supported at the moment. Contact [user:YoshiRulz] to help, and see [|#2731] for progress.
Windows XP through 8.1 on x86 or x86_64 aren't supported, but 2.x should work on older 64-bit OSes with some setup, and 1.x is still available for 32-bit OSes.%%%
__GNU+Linux__ on x86_64 is supported out-of-the-box via Mono. See [|the readme] for rundeps.
GNU+Linux on AArch64 is __not__ supported at the moment. Contact [user:YoshiRulz] to help, and see [|#3687] for progress.%%%
__macOS__ on Apple Silicon (= AArch64) is __not__ supported, though the following should apply thanks to Rosetta.
macOS on x86_64 is __not__ supported, though [user:Sappharad] put a lot of work into a port, resulting in some usable builds—see [|the readme] for more.

[2]: Free as in freedom ('libre') ''and'' as in $0 ('gratis'). If and when we ask for payment, it will be voluntary. Source code license TBD.