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*__Ars Technica__ ⭐💬 [|Meet MASHBot, the touchscreen-tapping, Nintendo DS-playing robot]

! [TASBot]
*[GamesDoneQuick/AGDQ2019|AGDQ 2019]
**__PC Perspective__ [|Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 Starts Tomorrow (Sunday)]
**__a90skid__ [|The Best Speedruns of AGDQ 2019 Day Six]
**__Twinfinite__ [|Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 Schedule Revealed]

*[GamesDoneQuick/SGDQ2018|SGDQ 2018]
**__IGN__ [|SGDQ's Most Mindblowing Speedrun Wasn't Humanly Possible]
**__Ars Technica__ [|The best, craziest speedruns from this year’s Summer Games Done Quick]
**__a90skid__ [|The Best Speedruns of SGDQ 2018: Day Six]
**__Polygon__ [|Summer Games Done Quick 2018: what to watch on the sixth day]

*[GamesDoneQuick/AGDQ2017|AGDQ 2017]
**__GamesRadar+__ [|10 things to know about SGDQ so you can get the most out of Twitch's biggest summer event]
**__GIGAZINE__ [|スーファミで「スーパーマリオ64」を起動して爆速エンディングを遂げるTASBotのプレイムービー] - Auto translated from Japanese
**__Journal du Geek__ [|Sans pression, ces bidouilleurs réussissent l’impossible et affichent Super Mario 64 (et Portal) sur une Super NES] - French
**__Ars Technica__ ⭐💬 [|How a robot got Super Mario 64 and Portal “running” on an SNES]
**__Mashable__ [|Here are 25 speedruns worth watching this week]

*[GamesDoneQuick/SGDQ2016|SGDQ 2016]
**__Ars Technica__ [|11 speedruns to watch live at this week’s Games Done Quick marathon]
***Mentions [1584M]
**__Polygon__ [|Summer Games Done Quick 2016 roundup: The biggest surprises of the week]
**__Mashable__ [|What to watch at Summer Games Done Quick 2016]

*[GamesDoneQuick/AGDQ2016|AGDQ 2016]
**__IGN__ [|11 Amazing Speedruns from Awesome Games Done Quick 2016]
**__GIGAZINE__ [|スーパーファミコンの実機で「スーパーマリオメーカー」を自作してコース制作&実際にプレイするとこうなる] - Auto translated from Japanese
**__Ars Technica__ ⭐💬 [|How a game-playing robot coded “Super Mario Maker” onto an SNES—live on stage] - Includes history
**__Polygon__ [|What to watch on the last day of Awesome Games Done Quick 2016]
***Mentions [1686M]

*[GamesDoneQuick/AGDQ2015|AGDQ 2015]
**__Red Bull__ [|10 breathtaking speedruns you need to see]
**__Kill Screen__ [|Okay, fine: this robot is better at videogames than any of us]
**__Ars Technica__ ⭐💬 [|Pokémon plays Twitch: How a robot got IRC running on an unmodified SNES]
**__Polygon__ [|Watch a robot tear apart and rebuild Super Mario World and Pokémon]
**__The Daily Dot__ [|Twitch plays Pokémon? How about Pokémon plays Twitch]
**__Silicon Era__ [|Forget Twitch Plays Pokemon, Here’s Pokémon Plays Twitch]
**__Destructoid__ [|All hail TASbot: Twitch chat on a Super Nintendo, complete with emotes]
**__PCGamesN__ [|Pokémon Plays Twitch: speedrunners hack stream chat into Game Boy classic]
**__Journal du Geek__ [|[[TAS]] Il provoque volontairement un bug tellement énorme dans Super Mario World que c’est un autre jeu qui se lance] - French
**__Pocket Gamer__ [|Twitch Plays Pokémon is getting old, so here's Pokémon Red playing Twitch]
**__Eurogamer__ [|Supersonic speedruns streamed at Awesome Games Done Quick 2015]
**__NowGamer__ [|First There Was Twitch Plays Pokemon, Now Here’s Pokemon Plays Twitch]

! micro500's NESBot
*__Nintendo Life__ [|Watch an NES Complete Super Mario Bros. All By Itself]
*__The Escapist__ [|Modder Builds Super Mario Bros.-Completing Robot Controller]
*__Kotaku__ [|Can a Controller Be Programmed to Speed-Run Super Mario Bros.?]
*__Slashdot__ [|NESBot: Tool Assisted Speedrun On Real Hardware]
*__Hackaday__ [|NESBot video game automation]