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When a user has made 3 posts, he or she will gain the ability to choose an avatar to convey a certain "mood" for each of his or her posts.

When your account has been granted access to mood avatars, you will see this on each "Post a reply" page on your account:

To gain access to these controls, you will need to set the file location of your variable mood avatar inside your profile. If mood avatars have been enabled for your account, your profile will resemble the one below:

* In the ''Link to off-site Avatar'' field, you type the URL of a single fallback image that will appear if your variable mood avatars ever get disabled (i.e. due to abuse).
* In the ''Mood-variant avatar URL'' field, you type the URL of one of your mood avatars, with the number replaced by a '$'.
** For this to work, you must upload all of your avatars to the same folder on a file or image hosting website that uses static filepaths.
** The files will also need to follow a specific naming scheme, such as ''flurret_1.png'', ''flurret_2.png'', etc.
*** __Note:__ The extension must always be the same, even if the actual file type is different. This is for compatibility purposes.
** If you're using a personal hosting solution, the URL would look something like ''ht____tp://$.png''. If you took the Dropbox route, it'd look more like ''ht____tp://$.png''.

If everything has been set up correctly, then congratulations, you can now use your own mood avatars!