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This page aims to elaborate the TASVideos policy with regards to adult games for TASVideos submissions and other site content.

Principally, __adult game content is not permitted in any TASVideos submission or other form of content on the site__. TASVideos aims to be a family-friendly site, suitable for users of all ages.

!! Definition

In determining what counts as adult content, TASVideos follows the [|Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB)]'s international standards regarding game content. For a more in-depth description of how games are rated, see the [|ESRB's ratings guide].

For the purpose of defining a game to be an ''adult game'':
* If a game has been rated by the ESRB, TASVideos will always default to its rating.
** All games rated as AO (Adults Only) are considered adult games for this purpose. As of writing, [|26 released games] have received an AO rating.
** All games rated as M (Mature) or lower are ''not'' considered adult games for this purpose, and therefore are ''not'' subject to any adult game restrictions.

* If a game has ''not'' been rated by the ESRB, it may be classed as an adult game, as subject to judgment from site staff. This will be done in general accordance to the guidelines set out by the ESRB.%%%This includes but is not limited to:
** Games where nudity is a focal point of gameplay or objectives in the game (e.g. strip poker)
** Games where strong sexual content is an essential part of the game
** Games depicting intense realistic violence (e.g. Manhunt 2) or excessive violence (e.g. Hatred)
** Games that encourage real-world gambling/gambling with real money

!! Restrictions

Limits regarding adult content on TASVideos are as follows:

* Submissions of games that are classed as adult games will be __unconditionally rejected or cancelled__. They are not allowed for publication, nor for the [Playground] class.
* If a submission of a game is ''blatantly'' in violation of adult game standards, such submissions are heavily discouraged from being submitted and may be deleted entirely.
* If a game is borderline or unclear as to whether it qualifies as an adult game, it may be submitted, but if it is found in violation of adult game rules it will be rejected for the purpose of setting precedent.
* Neither embedding nor linking to videos of adult games is permitted. Embeds or links of such nature will be removed.
* Input files of adult game TASes may be posted to [Userfiles], following above restrictions.
* These restrictions encompass the game as a whole. Restrictions apply regardless of whether any specific content is accessed or not within a TAS movie.
* If a TAS submission of an otherwise permissible game has user-made content that violates adult game standards (per above guidelines), said submission will be treated as an adult game following the above points.