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Emulator used for this guide: BizHawk 2.3

Note: There is an [Forum/Posts/471822|issue with Light Gun]!

! Emulator settings
;Controller Settings:
*Joystick (UDLR1), ProLine (UDLR12), Light Gun (XY1)
*A7800 > Controller Settings - some games only works with specific controllers
*Go to Config > Controllers to customize it
;Filter Settings:
*Only for Tower Toppler and Jinks (emulating color artifacts)

! Game workflow
;Atari logo (only NTSC):
*First non lag frame will be after the game loaded
*126~214 lag frames (game dependent)
*3~10 lag frames on PAL since there is no logo

;Title screen:
*Pressing the reset button anywhere usually returns you here
*Games' manual usually details what buttons you need to press to advance from here

! TASing tips
;Left+Right/Up+Down:There's only two known example of this:
* Super Skatebordin': Holding down L+R lets you go through walls, __only__ from left side to the right side. This is because you will moving right while holding L+R.
* Basketbrawl: Holding U+D or L+R while colliding with an enemy will warp both players (your player and the collided enemy) to the up- or right side of the field, while the camera shows the area of your last position.

! Links
* [Forum/Posts/456199|Published TAS movies (using the obsoleted core) converted by Alyosha]
* [|Wikipedia Atari 7800]
* [|GameFAQs Atari 7800]
* [|] - Really good technical informations

! Miscellaneous notes
* A visual glitch mentioned in [4343S] has the same effect as resetting 36 times in A7800 Dig Dug. Not investigated because it seems like an unrecoverable softlock.
Note: none of these are currently supported by BizHawk!
* While not supported currently, there's probably games polling __swcha__ and __swchb__ (i/o ports) multiple times within a frame (sub frame input)
* Most Atari 2600 games will only work on certain revisions of the 7800 console
* 3 revisions released of the console:
**1 - Vastly modified and enhanced 2600 model, Two joystick ports on lower front panel, New chipset (except sound chip; pokey chips could be added to carts), Side expansion port for upgrades and computer add ons, Bundled accessories included two CX24 ProLine joysticks AC Adapter, switchbox, RCA connecting cable, and Pole Position II cartridge
**2 - Slightly revised mother board, added an addional timing circuit. Expansion port connector removed from mother board but is still etched. Shell has indentation of where expansion port was to be.
**3 - Same as above but different case (cosmetical change) 
* Cart swapping is not investigated thoroughly. Reports says 80% crashing and mostly displaying graphics from the second cart.