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!! "Welcome to the Quiz, User!"
This page ( ) was part of this site's April Fools' Day event of 2023. The quiz consisted of a captcha and 11 questions about the site and various other topics.


!! Captcha
After selecting squares for the captcha, the users were told they were wrong, and thus could proceed to the quiz.

!! Questions
Users were told to have 20 seconds to answer each of the 11 questions. A timer started counting down for each question. Answers were to be given via a slider range input, or buttons, depending on the question.

! Question 1
> On this site we aim for speed. How many frames long is the currently fastest active publication?

! Question 2
> How many published movies do we have? (Current + Obsoleted)

! Question 3
> What is the total amount of rejected and cancelled submissions on the site?

! Question 4
> How many submissions were submitted since the start of April First UTC?

! Question 5
> What does the S in TAS stand for?
Choices: [[Speedrun]], [[Superplay]]

! Question 6
> Which question number is this?
(The 6 in the title was hidden.)

! Question 7
> How many seconds have you been on this page?

! Question 8
> How do you pronounce GIF?
Choices: [[GIF]], [[JIF]]

! Question 9
> A trolley is heading towards 5 people. You can pull a lever to divert it to the other track, where there is 1 person instead. What do you do?
Choices: [[Pull the lever]], [[Do nothing]]

! Question 10
> Do you like cookies?
Choices: [[Consent]], [[I agree to the terms and conditions]], [[Reject all]]

! Question 11
> Ever wondered what happens if you let the time run out?
Choices: [[No]], after 20 seconds it changed to [[Yes]]

!! Results
After completing the quiz, users were shown their score out of 11. They were also able to view an overview of all questions and see how other people did in the quiz.